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For Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson workout and life style changes were in order after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2014. He’d started to put on weight and his performances were becoming sluggish. The disease runs in his family so it wasn’t an altogether unexpected diagnosis, although it did set him back a bit! It certainly shocked him enough to make the necessary changes needed to bring it under control.

Patrick Peterson Workout And Diet Changed After Diabetes Diagnosis

Patrick Peterson Workout - 3Peterson has a fondness for candy and that was one of the first things that had to change. He also likes southern US style food, something his wife is particularly good at cooking. Needless to say, all that sodium, fat, and sugar wasn’t good for him. He also saw a professional about food allergies and what he discovered changed his entire perception about food, and his eating habits. Today, it’s rare to find him straying far from the nutritional guidelines he’s set himself. The result is a lean, incredibly fit footballer that is arguably one of, if not the best, shutdown cornerbacks in the game.

For Patrick Peterson workout these days involves heading to the Cardinals headquarters daily for an intense session of drills designed to hone and sharpen his skills. He needs fast feet, accurate hands, and plenty of core flexibility to handle the constant direction changes and control opposing receivers. Therefore, he does drills like lateral hops, ladders, and cones to develop explosiveness off the ground and flexibility. He also does tennis ball drills – the principle here is that tennis balls are a lot harder to catch than footballs. As for weights, he no longer tries to mimic body builders. These days it’s all about doing what’s required to keep up his physical strength without overdoing it. He doesn’t lift more than his own bodyweight.

Digging Deep A La Patrick Peterson Workout Style

Patrick Peterson Workout - 2Another interesting quirk about Peterson’s workouts is that he can often be seen wearing a hoodie or workout vest during training. Even in the middle of summer! His explanation is that it helps him build up endurance. He’s taken note of opposing team tactics where they send in lower ranked receivers to try and wear him out before bringing out their number 1s. This is how he develops the strength of body and mind to keep on top of these tactics. And opposing receivers.

Peterson also walks. During off-season that’s about all he does exercise wise. He does around 13 miles a week all up. Not only is it excellent exercise in and of itself but it also allows him time to relax and wind down. He doesn’t take headphones and listen to music whilst he’s doing it either. Instead, he allows the sounds of nature to seep into him. He can also often be spotted of a morning taking his daughter for a walk with him. Patrick also owns a very extensive list of very expensive cars!

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