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The Peyton Manning Supplements

Should The Peyton Manning Supplements He Uses Be Banned?

They’ve been called the ‘royal family’ of football and you’d have to agree that football certainly runs in their genes. His dad Archie Manning is a former quarterback and his younger brother Eli is a two-time Super Bowl champion. Peyton himself is also no slouch on the football field. Some say he’s one of the greatest ever quarterbacks to play NFL football. He helped the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl Championship and after leaving them in 2012 to join the Denver Broncos, helped that team to victory in Super Bowl 50.

Peyton Manning SupplementsThat Super Bowl 50 was to be Peyton Manning’s swan song and what a way to go out! At the top of your game with football’s ultimate achievement firmly in your grasp.

Throughout his career Peyton has steadfastly denied rumors of HGH use and we believe him. He does admit though that he’s used muscle building dietary supplements but these all-natural products are currently legal, even with the NFL. Although that could very well change in the new year….

These supplements, although legal, could be said to give those who use them an unfair advantage over those who don’t. That’s because they’re designed to build lean muscle and burn off body fat quickly and very efficiently. So efficiently in fact that some high profile users have been accused of steroid and HGH use!

We’ve heard about these supplements before and we’ve also seen what they can do for guys of all shapes and sizes! Bodybuilders, celebrities and pro-athletes as well as just ordinary men from all walks of life. They all rave about the remarkable ripped results and muscle bulk they’ve achieved just by stacking these (as we like to call them) Peyton Manning supplements.

So should the NFL ban them? We’ll leave that to you to decide once you’ve read our report about them….

To be continued …

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