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Pilates & Yoga – Exercise for Weight Loss

Learn to Love Pilates & You’ll Love the Body You Get Back

Pilates is a modern form of exercise that incorporates both core strengthening with muscle toning, and superb stretching. In one class you do both strength training and stretching. Pilates builds long, lean muscles and corrects any postural misalignments. You’ll even stand up straighter.

Core conditioning or Pilates exercises can be done in a studio or class with an instructor or at home with videos or a book. All of the exercises, even for arms and legs, are done with a focus on using the core abdominal muscles for stability. Pilates programs work all the muscles: the major muscles and the smaller muscles. A big plus is that Pilates develops strength, elongated muscles, and flexibility. For many, it  quickly improves posture. A side benefit: It’s highly relaxing.

About Pilates

Pilates is based on strength and flexibility techniques that Joseph Pilates taught to classical dancers beginning in the 1930s. It has become the hottest exercise approach sweeping the country. The results you’ll enjoy are most likely in line with how you want to look: strong, long, lean muscles and better posture. Many people even say they’ve gotten taller from doing Pilates!

Find out for yourself. Check out your local phone book or health clubs near you for a beginner class or lesson. All Pilates strength-building exercises require you to participate actively by focusing on your body and concentrating on your form. This has a way of making Pilates very relaxing because it’s impossible to worry about or even think about much else.

Yoga Is an Ancient Way to Stay Young

Yoga is an ancient system for stretching and well-being. Hatha yoga, the yoga of body movement, has many branches, such as Iyengar, Bikram, Astanga, and others. If you’re just starting out, take a class that works with the basics. You can explore the other forms in depth later if you’re so inclined. The yoga offered at most fitness centers is basic Hatha yoga.

Benefits of yoga include improved balance, strength, and flexibility. As with Pilates, it helps integrate body and mind for relaxation, and movement awareness.

The Tibetans Are a Simple Daily Exercise Routine

The Tibetan exercises are similar to yoga postures and can be done daily to reduce double chins and midriff bulge, balance hormones, and increase energy levels.


Pilates & Yoga – Exercise for Weight Loss
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