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Planet Supplement – Guidelines For Guest Posts

Planet Supplement - Guidelines For Guest Posts

The First Step To Submitting A Guest Post

First up we recommend you have a good browse through our guest posts and website to make sure your post won’t be doubling up on a topic that’s already been covered. And to develop an understanding of what PlanetSupplement is all about! That will give you a good feel for the type of content our readers find interesting, how we like our articles to be written, and help you focus your post.

What We Want In A Guest Post

We love 100% unique, never before published posts on topics that fit one of the categories on offer. You will greatly increase your chances of your article being accepted if it is:

  • In plain, native English
  • Well written with quality content
  • Unique with original concepts and convincing arguments
  • At least 700 words – more is welcome
  • Short sentences. Hemingway was a great author but those long sentences he was fond of….!!
  • A minimum of 5 paragraphs with sub titles that are topic relevant
  • Accurate and factual with credit given where credit is due – cite your sources; and check your facts and figures.

You will also need to include ONE good quality image that is a minimum of 800 pixels wide. The image must not be stolen, copyright protected by someone else or otherwise contravene copyright laws in any way. You may also include one anchored link.

Other things you should consider when writing your post include:

  • What is your main message? Make sure your introduction is to the point so readers are in no doubt as to what the post is about.
  • Be relevant and interesting. We love posts that engage our readers so they stop what they’re doing to finish reading it!
  • Contribute something of value that will teach or inspire your readers! We want readers to be so inspired by your post that they can’t wait to put into action what they’ve learned by reading it! And they should be able to do this easily simply by following your guidelines.

What We Won’t Be Likely To Accept As A Guest Post

  • Posts about topics that have already been written about before on the site
  • Content that has been copied from elsewhere or is published elsewhere
  • Posts that are excessively critical of companies, products and / or individuals – that’s not what Planet Supplements is about.
  • Posts that are overly promotional for your organization or company ie press releases
  • Posts that are clearly designed to build links rather than contribute useful content
  • Posts that are inaccurate or offensive
  • Posts that have hidden advertisements
  • Posts with affiliate marketing links


PlanetSupplement does not force our writers to tailor their work to fit our personal interests, objectives or opinions and does not influence the opinions of its writers or contributors. However, we do reserve the right to reject or edit posts that are submitted.

We do not sell links in any articles nor do we place links as favors to business partners or any third parties.

Links: Please be aware that we reserve the right to nofollow or not include any links we deem inappropriate or irrelevant.

We respect the rights of authors, designers, developers and photographers. To that end, we will endeavor, as much as is reasonably possible, to double check material for illegal sources or copyright infringement prior to publishing to ensure we are not publishing links to illegal sources that reproduce the work of others or that violate author rights.

Once you agree to all of the above, please visit Guest Post Submission Page.