How to Overcome Post-Workout Soreness
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3 Simple But Efficient Tips to Overcome Post-Workout Soreness

You suffer from Post-Workout Soreness? Some people like the feeling the day after a workout. The feeling of waking up with a little pain. In fact, my bed feels extra comfortable the day after a difficult workout. The soreness reminds me of how hard my efforts were the day before and that I feel like a champion.

However, these days are extra difficult to get out of bed. This can be a risky situation when you have early morning obligations. So ideally, it’s bed to avoid post-workout soreness and feel fresh the next day. Oh, I almost wrote ‘feel French.’ No, you don’t want to wake up and feel French. That would be too much.

Soreness is usually at it’s peak 24 hours after your exercise. This pain is caused by your muscles recovering. So the longer the pain continues, the longer your recovery, meaning your recovery is less effective. There have to be ways to minimize this unnecessary pain. Not only will your days feel better, but it will allow you to do your next workout sooner. One basic rule of working out is that you should never work out a specific muscle while it is still sore (and thus, recovering).

This is a surefire way to get injured and also have poor workout results. So when you can speed up your recovery, you also improve your next workout. Maybe you could even workout the same body part twice in one week. Here are some tips for speeding up your recovery and avoiding post-workout soreness.

Stretch to avoid Post-Workout Soreness

Stretch out: After your workout, you have to stretch. Stretch even more than you think. Stretch for a long time and take your time. Use this time to cool off and relax, since you shouldn’t rush through your stretches. For these stretches, pull and hold, without bouncing.

Stretch every muscle that got some action and hold for 12 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe deeply during these stretches, just as you probably do while working out. This brings essential oxygen flow to your muscles and will boost your recovery time in a way you never thought possible.

Drink plenty to avoid Post-Workout Soreness

Drink: Don’t get ahead of yourself and think about drinking in a bar type of situation. You have to consume ridiculous amounts of H20. If you think about how much you sweat, then you should understand. Your muscles are composed of 80% water, so obviously your body needs extra-high hydration levels to heal quickly.

Drink throughout your workout and especially afterwards. It’s also important what you eat after your workout. Many people eat a ton of food, but don’t drink a proportionate amount of water. This is important for your digestive system and hydration levels.

Eat carbs to avoid Post-Workout Soreness

Nutrition: Speaking of food, this is also very relevant. Professionals say that you should consume twice as many carbs as proteins, during the general time before or after your workout. Some athletes eat all protein, thinking that protein is what will make them see results.

This misconception is easy to fall into, since protein is what muscles are highly composed of, but carbs provide the essential energy for your body to recover. These three tips should have you feeling great after your next workout. So go hit the gym, you have nothing to fear!

3 Simple But Efficient Tips to Overcome Post-Workout Soreness
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