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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 18

As you go through your pregnancy stages, till you reach the 18th week of your pregnancy, you will find that your figure is continuing to change, and most people will recognize that you are pregnant. Your cardiovascular system is also affected by your pregnancy and you may experience some low blood pressure.

The body’s body is now around 7 inches long and weighs 5 ½ ounces. As a part of your pregnancy test, you may be offered a regular sonogram. If you experience any untoward pregnancy symptoms, consult your doctor and get treatment right away.

Some of your pregnancy symptoms may include an increase in appetite Try to choose meals and snacks that are rich in nutrients. As part of a routine pregnancy test, you may have a second ultrasound to check how the baby is growing. The ultrasound will show the baby’s development and you will be able to compare the pregnancy stages from the first ultrasound to the second one.

If you are healthy and your pregnancy is proceeding normally, you can continue working out as you did in the first trimester, but always seek treatment if there is any abnormal condition.

By the time you have gone through the pregnancy stages and reached the 18th week, the baby’s growth rate may have slowed, but the reflexes are developing rapidly. As you reach the 18th week of pregnancy, you will be offered a pregnancy test which is to determine whether the baby has any genetic problems. This test is not harmful to your baby and specific treatment may be administered in terms of extra protein or a change in diet.

A pregnancy test may be conducted by your health care provider during your pregnancy – this is merely to rule out any complication like Down syndrome. Any treatment that is prescribed early in terms of correcting your diet so that it does not affect your baby should be taken care of at this stage.

If you have certain pregnancy symptoms like spotting or digestive disorders, consult your doctor immediately. The pregnancy stages can be recorded in a pregnancy calendar, so that you can go through your baby’s progress and proceed to enjoy the coming months leading to the birth of your baby.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 18
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