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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 20

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The baby’s muscles are getting stronger every day. The fetus is growing rapidly and the movements become even more complex and acrobatic. Your baby is growing quickly – by now it is about half the length it will be at birth. Some of the healthy tips include eating lots of iron rich foods, proteins and vitamins. The accelerated growth and development of the nervous system rely on your food intake, which will in turn produce a healthy baby. A pregnancy massage at this stage can alleviate aches and pains.

Over the last four weeks of your pregnancy, your baby has grown an incredible amount and has just quadrupled his weight. The fetus is growing rapidly – in fact, from his movements you may be able to tell if your baby is awake or asleep. You are now halfway through your pregnancy.

A pregnancy massage will help you especially with pains in the lower back area. As long as you eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water, do not worry about the calories. Follow a few pregnancy healthy tips regarding regular exercise, but do this in consultation with your doctor.

You may have gained an average of 8 to 10 pounds. Your doctor will let you know what a healthy weight gain should be so you can follow a few healthy tips regarding exercise and a sensible diet. A pregnancy massage will also help as it will relieve and soothe your aching joints and muscles. As the fetus is growing, it is now time to think about the delivery of your baby. Creating a birth plan can help you with the support you need during your pregnancy.

Remember that it is vitally important to make sure that you get enough nutrients in your diet especially iron. Follow good healthy tips regarding iron in lean red meat, pork, dried beans, spinach and oatmeal. The growing fetus requires good nutrients that will make for a healthy baby.

Consider a pregnancy massage for an aching back, as the weight you are carrying can cause various aches and pains. It is time to enjoy your pregnancy and get the nursery ready for the new arrival.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 20
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