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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 25

You may start to notice aches and pains in some unusual places by the 25th week of pregnancy. You may experience moments of shooting pains in your legs. Doctors are still unsure about the reasons for leg cramps that appear at this stage.

Changes in your circulation, pressure on nerves and blood vessels may be the causes for cramping. The added pressure of your baby may also lead to pain in the groin area. Other pregnancy symptoms include frequent urination, indigestion, and itchy skin.

You may also experience trouble falling asleep. Your baby bump may make you feel uncomfortable and you may have to adjust to sleeping on your side. Sleeping on the side is also advised as the best sleeping position for the mother and baby by the American Pregnancy Association,( APA). Your expanding belly also determines how much air you’ll breathe as you sleep.

Your lungs would have less room to expand owing to the increased size of the belly leading to shallower and more frequent breaths than in your pre-pregnancy days. Your growing baby puts added pressure on your bladder which flushes out toxins from the body and you might feel like urinating many times during the night. Pregnancy hormones and the expanding uterus cause heart burn and other related symptoms at this stage.

You must continue taking a pregnancy diet which is sufficient to meet the needs of your growing baby. You can also go through the pregnancy week by week details online to know more about the changes in your fetus and your body.

You can also start exercising moderately that will help to ease the delivery process. You can also keep yourself updated with the pregnancy and childcare tips provided at various sites online. A healthy baby can be delivered by following simple dietary tips and exercise.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 25
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