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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 3

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Your baby starts developing during the third week though you may not feel any significant changes still. It is during the third week of pregnancy that the fertilized egg goes through the cell division process. About 30 hours after fertilization it divides into two cells, then four followed by eight cells and continues its cell division until it reaches the uterus. By the time it reaches the uterus it becomes a ball like structure called morula.

When the morula becomes hollow and gets filled with fluid it is called the blastocyst. This also happens during the third week of pregnancy only. This blastocyst gets attached to the endometrium which is the lining of the uterus. At the end of the third week the blastocyst gets attached to the endometrium.

This process is called implantation. The endometrium will provide the essential nutrients to the developing embryo and help in removal of wastes. Over time this implantation site will develop into the placenta.

During this phase of pregnancy you must concentrate more on the pregnancy diet and intake of calcium, folic acid, protein and iron should be the maximum. This will prevent complications in the neural tube which is formed in early pregnancy itself. Protein helps in creating new tissue and hence this protein rich foods should be sufficiently consumed.

A good dose of dairy products will help in the healthy development of teeth and bones. You should also consume lots of green leafy vegetables and legumes. Iron is essential to support the baby’s increasing volume of blood supply. Green leafy vegetables, legumes and red meat are good sources of iron.

All these steps will help in the healthy development of the fetus at this stage of pregnancy. You should visit your health care professional if you have any abnormal complaints like spotting or bleeding at this stage.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 3
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