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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 31

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As your baby’s weight increases to more than 3 pounds this week, the strain on your body will be noticeable. You will experience pain in the lower back and hips. There will be less room for your internal organs due to the growing baby. For your lungs to expand you must take more breaths.

Pregnancy diet must include smaller and more frequent meals rich in fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to distinguish the arms, legs and head movements of the baby. These are the pregnancy signs in the 31st week of pregnancy. You might want to use the bathroom quite frequently and you’ll experience a numb feeling in your legs when the baby shifts positions.

The lungs of the fetus continue to mature. Even if he/she is born prematurely at this stage he/she might survive because of the developed lungs. As fat cells fill out her body, her skin, which has been wrinkled so far turns pink and smooth.

The baby can recognize your voice. Your baby’s fingernails have grown at this stage of pregnancy and weighs approximately about three pounds, eight ounces and the length is about 11.2 inches (crown to rump). Pregnancy massage will relive symptoms like aching feet and ankles. You must also adhere to s well balanced pregnancy diet and eat smaller but most frequent meals.

You can also browse the pregnancy calendar available online to know more about pregnancy signs and labor signs. Six or more contractions per hour even if they are not regular may necessitate the calling up of a doctor. Early pregnancy or premature pregnancy at this stage can occur but need not be a cause for concern as most of the organs of the fetus are developed at this stage.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 31
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