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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 36

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The baby is significantly adding on weight but you will not see any noticeable change in your own weight. The longer your baby is in its protective environment until the due date, the better it is in terms of the baby’s health. During this stage of pregnancy, the baby must have taken the head down position, but if he/she hasn’t there is no cause for concern.

Your baby has grown to be between 16 and 19 inches long and weighs 5 ¾ to 6 ¾ pounds. Your baby is gaining weight quickly because layers of fat get added on. This helps in both body temperature regulation and in developing the baby’s immunity so that he/she can face the outside world.

At this stage the you might be carrying your baby much lower now and the baby drops into the birth canal, readying himself for birth. The primary hair known as lanugo, that had covered your baby’s skin is beginning to get replaced by the vernix caseosa, which is the thick, creamy substance that has protected your baby’s skin so far.

From the 36th week you will begin to see your healthcare provider more frequently, until you give birth. Your average weight gain up to this point is approximately 25 to 30 pounds. The weight gain will also depend on various factors like your body type, height and your baby’s size. You must consume a well balanced diet and at least 2400-2500 calories a day. This is essential as your body is working very hard now getting ready for delivery and needs the nutrition.

About 4 percent of the babies will breech position around the 36th week where the feet will descend into the birth canal first. Special exercises are there to turn the baby to a normal position or the health care provider will be able to guide you through.

The pregnancy symptoms at this stage include extreme fatigue and exhaustion. Some women may experience excessive swelling of the feet (edema) around the 36th week and can find relief by keeping their legs in an elevated position. False contractions or false labor is also possible at this stage of pregnancy and you should consult your health care provider for any complications.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 36
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