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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 5

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Some developments during the fifth week of pregnancy are a distinct shape the embryo begins to form at this stage. The neural tube which extends from the brain to the spinal cord also becomes fully developed in the embryo. A bulging portion in the middle of the embryo develops into the heart. It is during the fifth week of pregnancy that the placenta also develops and it is through its finger like projections called chorionic villi that an embryo receives nourishment from its mother.

Some women experience nausea at this stage. You might also suffer from other pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, tingling and aching breasts and vomiting. You might also experience breast soreness or headaches. There is nothing to worry if you do not have any of these pregnancy symptoms during the fifth week but you should consult your doctor if any of them symptoms suddenly disappear. You should also stay clear of certain types of foods in this stage of pregnancy to prevent food poisoning and miscarriage.

They are:

  • Soft cheeses like brie, Camembert and blue cheese
  • Unpasteurized juices or milk
  • Raw eggs or foods containing raw eggs

Some types of food borne illnesses can spread from these food types so you should be cautious while eating them or eliminate these foods from your diet.

During the fifth week of pregnancy a trans-vaginal ultrasound will show about 90% of yolk sacs. Neural folds of the baby will also begin to fuse. You can differentiate between head and tail of the baby at the fifth week of pregnancy. The heart of the baby will also start beating from this week!

Pregnancy diet during the fifth week should include calcium, folic acid supplements, protein and dairy products like in any other stage. Periodic health checkups will also be useful if you have any queries regarding the development of fetus.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 5
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