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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 7

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By the seventh week of pregnancy the umbilical cord is formed and the baby is growing rapidly within the uterus. The umbilical cord connects you and your baby throughout the pregnancy, providing oxygen and other nourishment and removing wastes from the baby.

The baby’s digestive tract and lungs also develop further at the seventh week of pregnancy. The features of the baby like its eyes, nose and ears become more defined during this stage. The arm buds develop further and hands develop at this stage.

There may be many changes in your body. The cervix experiences many changes. The cervix plug is formed during the seventh week at the opening of the cervical canal and seals off the uterus for protection. The bay at this stage has reflexes so will move rapidly. The thorax and abdomen are entirely formed and lungs begin its slow development.

The head becomes more prominent and leans towards the body. The ears and the vestibular membrane develop rapidly. The baby can open its mouth during the seventh week and you can see the development of the baby’s fingers. You might experience complaints such as sickness which manifests as nausea in the evenings also.

You can just try to alter your eating habits by eating smaller amounts of food at frequent intervals or at night. If complaints persist you can consult a health care professional though it is absolutely normal to experience morning or evening sickness more profoundly at this stage.

You may also experience sciatic nerve pain during the seventh week; this is not a cause for concern and is caused by the expanding uterus. You can try low impact exercises like pelvic exercises or walking to keep yourself in good shape. The pregnancy diet should be continued and should be wholesome as advised by the health care professional.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 7
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