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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 8

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Fingers and toes begin to develop during the eighth week of pregnancy. The baby can also flex its arms at the elbow and wrists. Eyes develop pigmentation and become more obvious. The baby’s intestine also tends to get longer and protrude into the umbilical cord till week twelve of pregnancy.

The baby’s genitals also take shape but you would not be able to determine the sex of the baby at this stage of pregnancy. The formation of all organs is almost complete during the eighth week of pregnancy. The digestive juices start flowing and the kidneys start functioning well at this stage.

Forty muscle sets start operating in conjunction with the nervous system. The cartilage also begins to change to bone cells during the eighth week. There are about 140-150 fluttering heart beats per minute in the baby. The eyelids are forming at this stage and eyes look open. Pregnancy complaints at this stage include a bloated feeling, expanding waist line and heartburn.

You should wear loose fitting clothes and should eat small frequent mild instead of over stuffing yourself. You can take an antacid if your heartburn is interfering with your eating pattern. You should not however take OTC drugs for your problems without consulting the health care professional.

Some of you might be advised to undertake your first pre natal visit which involves a thorough check up by a health care professional. Your height, weight, BP will be checked for and also a physical examination will be conducted.

Several lab tests that include blood tests, cervical test and urine test may also be a part of the health check procedure. You can get your queries answered by a health care professional and also visit some of the pregnancy related websites to get your doubts clarified during the eighth week of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 8
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