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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 9

The baby becomes a fetus from an embryo at the ninth week of pregnancy. The baby measures about 13 and 17 millimeters from crown to rump. The embryonic tail of the baby disappears and bone and cartilage begins to form.

The gonads become testes in a boy and ovaries in a girl. But the baby still has to external genitalia. The baby during ninth week of pregnancy has developed fingers which are still webbed. The eyelids and toes begin to form and the tip of the nose becomes visible. Spontaneous movement of the baby is possible at this stage of pregnancy.

Many women experience spotting at this stage, but if you notice unusual bleeding you must consult a health care professional. They will also experience heartburn and indigestion because of the changes in hormone levels. Eating smaller meals and avoiding lying down immediately after consuming a meal will bring some relief.

Drinking a glass of milk will provide natural relief. Higher progesterone and estrogen levels in women will cause the mucus membrane to swell in pregnant women at this stage. This may sometimes lead to nasal bleed or congestion. Using a vaporizer will control the symptoms to a certain extent.

Morning sickness is also at its peak during the ninth week of pregnancy. Pregnant women may also experience lack of sexual desire due to hormonal changes which is normal. Some pregnant women also may face the symptom of gingivitis or inflammation of gums, so good oral care is also essential.

Treating gum infections during pregnancy is very essential as if left untreated this may lead to premature births. You should however let your dentist know that you are an expectant mother. Diet rich in dairy products and folic acid must be continued in this stage of pregnancy also.

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Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 9
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