Prescription Drugs for Weight Loss – The Pro’s and Con’s
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Prescription Drugs for Weight Loss – The Pro’s and Con’s

As a last resort, you can use prescription drugs, though you may want to think twice before doing so. Physicians will typically recommend that you lose weight the natural way through exercise and dieting. There are many reasons that a doctor will prescribe medication to lose weight including health related issues. The following article will help you make the right choice in regard to whether or not you should take prescription medications to lose weight.

Losing weight is an issue that many deal with in their lives, and most of them would prefer to stay away from prescription drugs and the side effects that come with them. Side effects are usually mild, but can be very detrimental at times. The side effect lists that come with these prescription drugs often represent every known side effect that has ever occurred, not necessarily ones that will all happen to you. Thus, a list like this is representative of possibilities, not what you will get every time you swallow a pill.

Although the odds are probably low that you will be adversely affected by the medication at all, make sure by seeing your doctor about these possibilities. Weight loss medications have a whole host of possible negative side effects including sweating, dry mouth, and drowsiness to name a few. There are many side effects that weight loss pills will have, but also detrimental is the fact that you can become addicted to them.

Controlled substances are those which are sometimes addicting, which weight loss pills fall into this category. Amphetamines are drugs that have an addicting quality, similar to weight loss products that do the same. Getting addicted to these drugs is very easy which is why doctors will prescribe them for long-term use. There are many negative effects associated with Xenical, despite the fact that it is not an addicting weight-loss drug. Anyone who has a history of substance abuse problems should be especially careful about taking weight loss drugs and tell their doctor about such tendencies.

You may, after taking the drug for some time, develop a tolerance for the drug itself which is not good at all. Taking any weight loss medication for 180 days or longer may provoke your system into developing a tolerance for it, negating its effect. This tolerance for the drug, as research has shown, makes the drug ineffective for the user. Losing weight for a few months can be quite a blessing, unless of course you have a great deal of weight to lose, and you may not reach your objective. Furthermore, in some cases, people actually start gaining weight after an initial period of weight loss.

The best way to go about this is to use the drug in conjunction with an exercise and diet routine, and then stop using the drug and continue with the dieting so that your weight stays off. We’ve examined some of the issues that should be considered when taking prescription weight loss drugs, but you should listen to your doctor when it comes to making a final decision on whether or not to try them. As usual, exercise regularly and eat properly while taking your medication to achieve maximum weight-loss results.

Prescription Drugs for Weight Loss – The Pro’s and Con’s
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