Prevent Migraines Without Medication
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Prevent Migraines Without Medication

Prevent Migraines – Excellent news for migraine sufferers. According to recent studies this side of headache disorders can be prevented with unadorned, natural, and at no cost.

Migraine is a recurrent headache disorder with moderate to severe pain intensity. Migraine is a recurrent headache, the pain attacks lasting 4 to 72 hours, usually one side (in part), throbbing, moderate to severe intensity of pain, intensified by routine physical activity, can be accompanied by nausea (nausea), photophobia (more light sensitive, uncomfortable with the strong light) and phonophobia (more sensitive to noise, discomfort with a strong voice).

Exercise has been shown to prevent migraine headaches and the effectiveness is not lost with drugs or other relaxation techniques. The conclusion is generated from investigate conducted by researchers from Sweden.

Although so far the doctors often recommend exercise to reduce migraine disorders, but this is the first study to specifically examine the link between regular exercise and a reduction in migraine pain.

In that study, migraine patients were on terrible terms into three groups. The first are those who are questioned to exercise 40 minutes three times a week. The second group were questioned to consume drugs containing topiramate migraine prevention, and a third group agreed only sport relaxation.

After six months, migraine frequency was reduced in all three groups. But, if there is a cheaper option and more healthful, why not choose the sport.

“Sport can be an alternative other than migraine prevention drug activity and relaxation. This option is particularly suitable for patients who do not want to take medicine,” said Emma Varkey of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Prevent Migraines Without Medication
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