Prevent Weight Gain
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Prevent Weight Gain

If you want to prevent weight gain, you must eat sensibly and maintain physical activity indefinitely. To make this kind of commitment, you must change your life. You must look at the long term instead of looking for quick short term results. If you do this, you will realize that short term dreams of weight loss are unrealistic. Whatever you might lose short term is likely water weight that you will put back on just as quickly. To successfully lose weight you need to lose body fat. This takes real, total commitment.

Everybody has heard this line before: if you want to lose weight, just eat right and exercise. This method, while it may work in the long run, can take a long time to work. You may get disheartened that the results take so long. The fact is, if you have a slow metabolism, the eating less and exercising method is going to take forever. You need to boost your metabolism or you may never lose weight. Sure, there are plenty of experts out there who will tell you it is dangerous to boost your metabolism artificially. But if raising your metabolism is bad for you, is it really much better to suffer being overweight? Isn’t it really just a matter of trade-offs. On the one hand, you can boost your metabolism, maybe put a little added strain on your heart, but end up healthy and looking good. On the other hand, you can stay the way you are, overweight and unhealthy (which still burdens your heart) and not looking good either. The choice seems obvious. Give your metabolism a boost.

Far, far too many of us are overweight today. Americans break records for obesity every year, it seems. We can’t stop eating. Today’s fast-paced society encourages quick, convenient, unhealthy eating. What we choose to consume, though, is totally up to us. If we’re not willing to eat better and do some exercise, to show a little initiative, then we will be fat. If we suffer the consequences, like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, or even a heart attack, then that is our choice as well.

Prevent Weight Gain
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Originally posted 2016-11-05 15:55:20.

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