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If you looking for more information on Proshape Rx, then this review is just what you need. This Special Review gives you the facts and details on ProShapeRx so that you can be better prepard to decide whether it is worth a buy or not.

Our research is based on the following:

  • effectiveness of the pill based on feedback from hundreds of customers who have tried them
  • clinical study of the pills including the ingredients
  • reliability and reputation of the merchants including good money back guarantees
  • extras or free bonuses, for example – free exercise programs , diet plans, etc
  • overall effectiveness and value for your money

NOTE : There are some hidden gems in this ProshapeRx Review so please don’t skimp through it. Be sure to read every word carefully because you don’t want to miss some of the surprises inside …

ProShapeRx ReviewsProshape Rx is a system of weight loss supplements plus an exercise & diet program you can use. This fat loss pill is made up 8 powerful weight loss inducing ingredients, including the very well known appetite suppressant, Hoodia Gordonii.

This highly regarded fat loss pill also contain a fat binder called Chitosan which is a shell fish extract and not a plant fibre complex like some other fat binder. This compound has worked for many users in the past and it is not something untested or new at all.

Besides Hoodia Gordonii and Chitosan, Proshape Rx fat loss supplement also contains ingredients like White Kidney Bean Powder, Grean Tea, etc. As you probably know, these are all very well known ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to your general well-being and health.

Doctor endorsed

ProShapeRx is endorsed and approved by Dr. Alexis Vazquez, D.O and this is what he has to say :

“What makes ProShapeRX such a unique and powerful weight loss system is the fact that it does NOT just address one component of the weight loss process like so many other products out there. Instead ProShapeRX contains eight powerful ingredients, each with a long track record of helping fight excess weight at four critical stages throughout the digestive system…”

Here’s what Proshape Rx supplements can do to help you lose unwanted, excess weight :

  • Eliminate your hunger pangs – the main cause of excessive bingeing
  • Stop dietary fat from entering your bloodstream and making you fat
  • Lower calorie absorption from starches in your foods
  • Reduce cholesterol absorptions from all food intakes
  • Gives you a better, healthier digestive tract
  • Increases your lean muscle mass so increases your metabolic rate
  • Gives you an easy to follow exercise plus dieting plan to help you along the way to losing unwanted weight


All in all, ProShapeRx is a powerful, multi-prong approach to losing weight quickly and safely.

ProShapeRx Reviews
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