Protein Bars VS Pre Workout Drinks. What should I choose?
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Protein Bars VS Pre Workout Drinks. What should I choose?

You don’t have to be an athlete to know the most important things that help with exercise; preparation, commitment and of course diet. The supplements that athletes take to help them build muscles and increase strength, speed and endurance are also very much known.

Today supplements are becoming more sophisticated and effective. The latest supplements that show high levels of efficiency are pre workout supplements. These are taken some minutes before the start of the workout and help the person’s total performance.


They are designed to provide energy throughout the workout and help muscle tissues build faster. There are two categories and we present the advantages as well as disadvantages of each.

Pre Workout Drink

Protein Bar and Pre workout SupplementsThe pre workout drink is a liquid that contains a number of ingredients that help the body perform better during exercise. The ingredients that these drinks usually contain are B-Vitamins, caffeine, proteins, nutrients and others.

As they are in liquid form these drinks are not heavy in the stomach and take longer for the body to break all the ingredients down. Nutrients should break down slowly so the body has constant energy throughout the workout. Also, due to the liquid form the body can absorb water so as not to dehydrate during exercise.

These drinks contain ingredients that can’t be included in solid form foods such as creatine and nitric oxide. Such ingredients continue to benefit your body even after the end of the exercise as they help you recover faster and build more muscle.

Pre Workout Nutrition Bars

Pre workout nutrition bars are usually in the form of protein bars. These protein bars usually contain proteins, nutrients (such as natural slow burning sugars) as well as natural secretions. They boost your energy levels in the beginning of the workout and keep it up until the end. Due to their solid form they are effective in keeping hunger at bay during exercise.

Also, many of these bars contain dietary fiber that make you feel full and keeps your body healthy. Many athletes choose these bars because their diet consists of a lot of meat and dairy so they don’t take much fibre in other ways. These bars also taste good so can be used as an alternative snack that contains no quick burning sugar, no salt and no fats what so ever.

All athletes and trainers agree that pre exercise supplements can be very beneficial no matter what form you consume them. For different people however there are different solutions. However, these types of supplements should only be taken if you are exercising regularly.

Protein Bars VS Pre Workout Drinks. What should I choose?
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