Forms Of Protein in Muscle Building Diets
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Forms Of Protein in Muscle Building Diets

Many people want to build muscles but few know how to actually go about it. Building muscle is not only about working out hard and guzzling protein shakes. Although both are important in building muscles, there is a lot more to the muscle building process.

It is important to understand what all is required to be able to successfully and quickly build muscles. Muscle building diets is one of the things to consider while going for muscle building.

Forms Of Protein

Whenever we talk of muscles, we talk of proteins; this is because amino acids are the building blocks of muscles and proteins are made of amino acids. You certainly can’t build muscles without protein intake, which is the major component of most of the muscle building diets.

So if you want to build muscles, you should know exactly how much protein does your body require. The rule of the thumb is 1 or 2 grams of protein per pound of the person’s body weight. This means an average person, weighing round about 150 pounds, requires between 150 and 300 grams of protein in a day.

Protein comes in various different forms. Some of them are : soy, egg, whey and casein. If you want to build muscles, you should know which form of protein you should consume as a part of one of the muscle building diets and when.

Following are important points about the differences in the forms of protein including in different muscle building diets available in the market these days:

Soy – This is the best protein source for the vegetarians. Although Soy is not as readily or efficiently absorbed by the body as compared to the other forms, it is nonetheless a good source of protein.

Whey – Whey is a very significant source of protein that gets absorbed by the body faster than any other source. It is digested in about 30 minutes making it ideal post-workout supplement for people looking for building muscles.

Egg – Egg contains protein in the form of albumin. It is digested at a moderate rate, so it can be consumed at any time of the day.

Casein – Casein takes a very long time to be digested, do it should be consumed at nights.

So if you want to build muscles, workout regularly religiously and consume any of the muscle building diets; you yourself will be surprised at the results. Make sure that you consult your trainer before consuming any of the muscle building diets.



Forms Of Protein in Muscle Building Diets
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