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Protein Shakes Can Cause Muscle and Stomach Cramps

When you want to build muscle, it’s important to realize that it is more complex than just doing your workout by lifting weights and drinking protein shakes. Even though protein shakes are a very important part because they hold nutrients like protein, carbs and some fat, they also have creatine as well.

However, if you gain an excess of creatine, or any substance in your body these substances can often cause some undesirable results. When you drink a lot of protein shakes, there is going to be a lot of creatine in your system and this can cause your muscles to cramp. The amount you drink and what is in it, can also cause stomach cramps.

You really need to make sure that you check the nutritional information that is found on all protein shakes and look for creatine. Remember this is an amino acid that is naturally found in meat and it does help your muscles convert energy during intense workouts.

Probably the best time to drink one of these shakes is right after you have finished your heavy workout. This is because this is when your muscles are going to be doing their fastest work to build muscle. But if you use this supplement incorrectly you could see negative side effects. Some side effects can be as serious as kidney malfunction. Make sure to talk with a doctor before you consider protein shakes high in creatine.

When you consume protein right after working out, the benefits are immediately seen as long as the amount that you consume does not have more than 20 milligrams of creatine. The way that creatine effects your body is going to depend upon how much creatine is naturally stored in your body, that is why it’s wise to keep track of how much creatine you consume.

So, if your creatine levels are low in your body you are going to benefit more from additional creatine than say a person who has normal or above normal levels.

If you drink a protein shake with creatine in it before you do your workout of lifting weights is going to immediately increase the level of the creatine in your muscles, however, it can also lead to dehydration and cramping. In order for your body to synthesize the creatine, the cells of your muscles need to absorb additional water.

In order for your body to build muscle and use the creatine it will take fluid from your internal organs and if you don’t drink something to replace those lost fluids you will become dehydrated. Then the dehydration will cause stomach cramps.

If you want to balance the effects of the creatine you will need to drink at least 12 ounces of water for each 10 milligrams of creatine that is found in your protein shake. This water should be drank before, during and even after your weightlifting workout. By having this additional water in your system it should prevent any stomach cramps.

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