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Quick Muscle Building – 3 ‘Rules’ You MUST Follow!

Let’s define first what is Muscle mass. Muscle mass is actually the specific size of your muscle. Its tone and the noticeable details of it. You increase muscle mass by lifting heavy weights repeatedly until you reach your desired muscle dimension. It basically has to have a combination of the right diet, training and supplementation. Here are some of them:

Rule #1: Do it with the Right Diet.

There is this principle in mass building that consume the food for the specific activity you are going to do and not for the activity or activities that you have done for the day. Keep in mind that you want to build muscle mass and not fat. Keep in mind also the following:

• You have to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water during the day. This will keep you hydrated and energy flowing in your workouts.

• It is also important that you don’t skip meals when you a trying to lose weight. This is a no-no! This will only knock off your metabolic balance and will just signal your body’s protection to hold on to fat. Then in turn burn muscle for energy instead of fat.

• Record or keep a calorie journal. With this in hand, you will be able to monitor your calorie intake and identify if you have to add or cut-back on food intake. It is best also to keep track of your weight and your activity or workout done.

• Eat to four to five small meals a day instead of three large ones. This will signal your body to continuously burn the calories effectively and efficiently and thus minimizing craving for food. Food cravings tends to promote overeating.

• Be aware of the nutritional information found on food labels when shopping for your food. Watch out for sodium content which could allow water retention.

• And, keep your carb intake at a low level especially during your first few weeks of your workout.

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Rule #2: Do it with the Right Training

Many people are still blinded by myths on building muscle mass. This include lifting too heavy weights or the “no pain no gain” expression to see quick results but only to find out that this may cause serious injuries. Doing resistance training instead to build muscle is one key. Your usual push-ups and pull-ups can only do certain extent in bulking up your muscles. But you need other forms of resistance like using dumbbells, weights and/or bands to getting your muscles grow further off the normal.

It is with the right intensity that would contribute more to muscle building. Intensity meaning being able to lift the right and maximum amount of weight you’re your muscle can handle throughout your whole workout session. Then do repetitions. Intensity not the weight of your equipment counts.

Rule #3: Do it with the Right Supplementation

Supplements do help in how to bulk up really quick. But let’s be very cautious in choosing the right supplements to take. Some manufacturers say that the supplements they sell can fast increase your muscles but let’s be very aware that supplements have no specific regulations in ensuring consumers on the effectiveness or safety of a certain supplement product.

Remember the “No Therapeutic Claim” that they write on their medicine bottles? So let’s be on the safe side, ask around to those who have used and tried the product and ask for the actual effects it had on them.

So remember these 3 … Right Diet, Right Training and Right Supplementation.

Quick Muscle Building – 3 ‘Rules’ You MUST Follow!
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