Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain
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Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain

For smokers wishing to kick the habit source weight gain as one of the biggest deterrence to their plan, as the fear of packing on extra weight convinces them to continue puffing away. Many ex-smokers do in fact gain weight, which is partially due to the fact that nicotine, the active drug in cigarettes, can increase the body’s metabolism level, which decreases your chances of gaining weight; but this is not a significant increase in metabolism.

Replacing the cigarette

Having a cigarette is part of a smoker’s daily routine. They wake up, make coffee, have a cigarette, and then go to work. On their breaks, they have a cigarette. When they drive home, they have a cigarette. Breaking this routine can be very difficult, which is why so many ex-smokers pick up another habit: snacking. Instead of going outside to have a smoke on your break, you instead go the vending machine for a candy bar. Instead of having a smoke when you finish work, you reach in the fridge and have a piece of cake from last night.

By replacing smoking with snacking, you are likely to put on some weight. According to studies, however, most people who quit smoking will only pack on five to ten pounds. Smoking is considerably worse than a few extra pounds.

Minimize your desire to eat

On your next break, instead of going outside for a smoke or hitting the vending machine, call a friend, or take a walk. Plan events during the times that you would normally have a cigarette; this way the desire to find a cigarette replacement won’t lead to you filling your face.

Keep your hands busy

Since most people look to food as a replacement for a smoke, keep your hands occupied. Try learning how to knit, chat online, or better yet, indulge yourself with a home manicure or daily nail polish change. This way, you will have something to keep your hands busy and focus your mind on something other than tobacco and food.

A water bottle should be carried all day. This will not only keep your hands occupied, but will also keep you hydrated. Whenever you find yourself fidgeting with your stapler at your desk, pick up the water bottle and have a couple of sips. Water also helps prevent weight gain, so drink up!

Sugarless candies

Sucking on sugar-free candies or gum will satisfy your oral needs, while at the same time giving you minty fresh breath! By having a refreshed mouth, you are unlikely to want snacks, since the flavors are ruined. Do the same at home: right after dinner, go straight to the bathroom and brush your teeth. This will help curb your craving for snacks.

Get active

If you are not normally an active person, this is the perfect time to start. Since your metabolism has lowered since you quit smoking, it is important to increase it again. Exercising, even simply going for a daily walk, will increase your metabolism making it easier to stay thin, as well as burning calories and minimizing your hunger.

Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain
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