5 High-Energy Reasons To Keep Carbs In Your Diet
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5 High-Energy Reasons To Keep Carbs In Your Diet

Drop The Fat, Hold The Carbs! can be the new slogan of the fitness industry, as it already represents one of the most popular guides among people who dream of building beautiful toned bodies.

1. The Carbo-Thyroid Connection

According to this one of a kind guide, the thyroid gland acts like a metabolic thermostat, by secreting hormones that play a major role in controlling your body temperature and the speed with which calories are burnt. When the thyroid function is optimal, your metabolism functions within the normal limits.

When things go wrong, your metabolism is either slowed down and you gain weight, or accelerated and you lose weight.

For the thyroid to function normally, it is essential that you eat good carbs, such as those coming from whole grains, vegetables, especially roots and seeds, as beans.

Several studies show that when carbohydrates are eliminated from one’s diet, the thyroid functions are slowed down.

2. 5 High-Energy Reasons To Keep Carbs In Your Diet – Drop The Fat, Hold The Carbs!

The guide also successfully explains how your brain runs on glucose (sugar from the carbohydrate family), and, since it cannot keep reserves, it must be constantly supplied with glucose.

Every day, your brain uses about 120 g of glucose. In other words, nearly half of the carbohydrates you eat are used to feed your brain! It is therefore very important that you consume carbohydrates as part of each meal: bread, pasta, rice, cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt.

More than that, you need energy in order to sustain your physical exercise and help your muscles grow, and carbs are the best source of energy, on the condition that they be consumed in the right amounts.

3. Carb Up, Lift Heavy

If your purpose is the accumulation of energy for muscle training, carbs should be available in order to prevent muscle catabolism. Even if you are in a weight loss program, your fat reserves cannot provide all the energy you need fast enough, so you should ensure a minimum intake of carbs meant to cover the differences. Starvation diets are usually based on a very low carbohydrate intake, which is insufficient to serve the needs of the body and restore deposits.

5 High-Energy Reasons To Keep Carbs In Your Diet4. Water World

For each gram of glycogen used by your body, the metabolic process requires about 3 grams of water. The total glycogen content of your body is about 800 g, so, if all the carbs are lost, you also lose 2400 g water.

In addition, when there is no glycogen, ketones appear, the products of processing free fatty acids, which are accumulated in the blood and help with the installation of ketosis, a condition that leads to the loss of water.

5. Holistic Health

In a starvation diet covering 30 days, the first 3 days are enough to have your carbohydrates stores emptied. Water is lost heavily on the first weeks, after which the general loss decreases suddenly, because, otherwise, it would endanger your very existence. Structural proteins levels decrease steadily throughout your system.

5 High-Energy Reasons To Keep Carbs In Your Diet
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