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What did it take to be a member of the most formidable defense in the NFL and how has the Richard Sherman workout changed now that he’s relocated further south?

As it turns out, for Richard Sherman the biggest change he’s undergone since leaving Seattle for southern climes is the color of his uniform! That and the chance to capitalize on the UFC Performance Institute training facilities across the border in Las Vegas. Gym equipment is gym equipment when all is said and done.

Richard Sherman Workout Focus On Strengthening Exercises

Richard Sherman Workout - 3His primary focus this season however has been ensuring his Achilles tendons (both of them) stand up to training, and play. He ruptured his right one last season and had ‘clean up’ surgery on his left in March. So, whilst he’s always done a bit of preventative training, he’s now more aware then ever of its importance. To this end, he includes drills that strengthen his ankles and feet.

Another thing he’s keenly aware of is the importance of building up his shoulder and upper body strength. As a cornerback he runs into a lot of big heavy guys out there on the field. Withstanding the impact they make on his body requires heavy muscle, and preparing his muscles correctly so that they take the brunt of the force. This helps prevent injuries like popped or dislocated shoulders. He uses shoulder mobility dumbbell exercises to build the muscle bulk and strength he needs.

Many players do box jumps to develop their jumping strength but Richard does wall sits instead. Same outcome, different routine that’s all as wall sits strengthen all the muscles that are used to jump. For added variety and conditioning he does it with plates on his legs whilst he’s holding the sit.

Mobility Drills Important Part Of Richard Sherman Workout

Richard Sherman Workout - 2During a game it’s nothing for a player to have to stop suddenly and back peddle as fast as they’ve been running to avoid opposition players. This is where the W mobility drill comes in. It’s a great exercise for developing speedy footwork and directional changes at speed. Forward at speed then backwards whilst changing direction.

In and out agility ladder drills round out a Richard Sherman workout routine for agility. One foot in, one out, or two in two out are common exercises with this equipment. Ickey Shuffle anyone! Richard also does knee-high versions of these exercises. He says they’re excellent for working hip flexor muscles and developing overall body flexibility.

It would appear Richard Sherman Workout Supplements (as we prefer to refer to them as) are legal and above board. There’s nothing sinister about them at all.

Sure, Richard Sherman does work out like crazy but it is this top secret addition to his daily diet that appears to be helping him maintain the power and strength he requires to stay at the very top of his game. Here is the account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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