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For Rob Gronkowski workout and playing elite football comes easily. You could say it’s in his genes. Or in his family history at least. The big guy grew up the second youngest of five strapping boys. All of them outstanding athletes in their own right. They’re all over 6’ for starters. Even the smallest of them is 6’2”! Gronk though is the biggest at 6’6”. He’s also the most gifted of the bunch, although he was never allowed to know that growing up.

Rob Gronkowski Workout Is All About Doing It Correctly

Being the second youngest kid in a large family comes with drawbacks. Especially when your older siblings are all massively big fit boys. You get beat up. A lot. You get picked on. A lot. But you learn to fight back pretty quickly and that is where Gronk got a massive head start on most of his peers. When he started playing football he found his opponents weren’t anywhere near as big or as tough or as fast as his brothers. That made things a lot easier for him.

Rob Gronkowski Workout - 1Gronk is also highly competitive. That too comes from being part of a highly competitive family. If there was a winner and a loser the Gronkowski boys were into it. Whether that was lifting the most weights or doing the most reps in the family’s home gym, or playing video games. Winning was what it was all about. And if you didn’t live up to expectations on the playing field you could expect a lot of ribbing when you got home.

The Gronkowski boys can also thank their Dad for the fact that they’re not plagued by damaged joints. A victim of incorrect training methods when he was young, he learned first-hand the damage that overworking young, growing joints does. It was something he swore his own kids would never have to go through. So he taught them right from the outset how to work out correctly. Their weights were increased in small increments once they proved they could handle the previous weight. They were also never forced to lift weights. But Gronk senior did make it clear that if they wanted to be pro athletes weights were pretty much mandatory. However, the choice was theirs to make. Another thing instilled into the boys growing up was the benefit of a healthy balanced diet minus junk food.

Rob Gronkowski Workout Designed To Improve Not Injure

Rob Gronkowski Workout - 2What goes into today’s Rob Gronkowski workout? It starts out with a good warm-up session to get heart rate up, blood flowing, and muscles primed. He moves to the weights and is on record as saying he starts out with heavy stuff. That includes barbell and dumbbell presses, pushups, pushdowns, skull crushes, reverse crunches and so on. Finally he’ll end with some cardio work.

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