Ronda Rousey shows off body transformation ahead of UFC fight

Ronda Rousey – Winning Without Performance Enhancing Drugs

Ronda Rousey shows off body transformation ahead of UFC fightIt’s been just over 12 months since the biggest drawcard in UFC history Ronda Rousey was handed her first defeat since taking up MMA in 2010. The defeat at the hands of Holly Holm in Australia in November 2015 came after 12 consecutive MMA wins, 6 of them UFC fights. Unlucky fight number 13 for Ronda at it turned out. Now she faces fight number 14 on December 30th against the current reigning bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, a fight that she has announced will likely be one of the last times we’ll see her in the MMA ring.

Update January 1, 2017:

After her loss against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 (KO 48 seconds into the first round) Ronda released the following statement:

“I want to say thank you to all of my fans who have been there for me in not only the greatest moments but in the most difficult ones. Words cannot convey how much your love and support means to me,” Rousey said in a statement provided to ESPN.

“Returning to not just fighting, but winning, was my entire focus this past year. However, sometimes — even when you prepare and give everything you have and want something so badly — it doesn’t work how you planned. I take pride in seeing how far the women’s division has come in the UFC and commend all the other women who have been part of making this possible, including Amanda.

“I need to take some time to reflect and think about the future. Thank you for believing in me and understanding.”

When it comes to fighting style, Ronda has so far had a reputation for going in hard and fast; she’s won all bar one of her fights within the first round, usually in under a minute. Nine of those wins have been by armbar submission. And the only match she hasn’t won quickly came on the heels of an acting commitment which Ronda claimed had left her slightly under prepared for the match.

So how does a star MMA athlete, who is known for not taking vitamins or supplements of any kind, train. And what does she eat?

It’s All In The Diet And The Training, Not Supplements

A typical Ronda day when she’s in training leading up to a competition incorporates 6 hours of training, 6 days a week. To put that into perspective – the only other athletes who train that much are the pro’s that are paid million dollar salaries to do it!

Ronda Rousey Supplements – Winning Without Performance Enhancing DrugsRonda’s workout regime incorporates a range of exercises designed to build up her agility, speed, and strength. And boxing. Plenty of boxing. Short but powerful bursts that work out the whole body, especially shoulders, hips and core, and help increase her power and strength. Plus shadowboxing, straight punches, and uppercuts.

She also works with 2-pound dumbbells but that’s about the extent of her weight training. For this sport she needs to be extremely fit, extremely fast, extremely agile and strong but not the type of strength that comes from a lot of resistance training. To finish up she’ll do some crunches, or similar, to get those abs toned.

At the time of her Olympic performances, Ronda was a vegan but these days she incorporates some animal protein into her diet. Not a lot though – a few eggs and something like a bit of turkey bacon. Her day starts out with a small breakfast of oat bran, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are a great source of a range of nutrients not found in too many other plants. Lunch is usually a smoothie followed by her only animal protein intake for the day – generally an egg or two and some bacon. Mid afternoon is snack time and that’s a piece of fruit and half a cup of raw nuts. Dinner is another of her giant smoothies and then she has a cup of chamomile tea before bed.

One thing you’ll notice in this diet is the seeming lack of fruit and vegetables. And vitamins or supplements. But fear not! See those 2 giant smoothies? Those are chock full of raw fruit and vegetables. And why in smoothies? Research has shown that food consumed this way – either in smoothies or as soup, is actually more filling and lasts longer than eating the ingredients as whole foods. Ronda’s smoothies incorporate raw beet, an apple, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, red grapes, lemon, spinach, parsley, kale, celery, a chard leaf, coconut oil and more hemp and chia seeds. All precisely and exactly measured out of course.

As any good nutritionist will tell you, the best source of essential nutrients is a healthy balanced diet, not supplements. So with a diet like this, there’s no need for Ronda to take supplements of any type but if she did need to take any, we’re sure she’d be using Lean Optimizer™ and AlphaViril™. If you watch TV or read the news, you’ve possibly seen or heard about a supplement touted as the “secret”, and absolutely safe, alternative to chemical steroids that celebrities and body builders everywhere have been using to build those incredible bodies.

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To be continued …

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