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It’s a pity there isn’t such a thing as Russell Wilson supplements for growth!

If only he was a bit taller! Champion Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson must have gotten mighty sick of hearing that throughout his life. He stands just a whisker under 5’11” and weighs a little over 200 lbs. Which is not an issue in normal life. However, when you’re an aspiring NFL quarterback it’s clearly perceived as a distinct disadvantage. More than one expert was of the opinion that if he was 6 inches taller he’d be a Round 1 pick. If not the number 1 pick! Be that as it may, Russell has gone on to prove that great things do come in small(ish) packages. Or great footballers can at any rate!

After a sterling college football career Russell was picked up by the Seahawks in the 3rd round at #75 of the 2012 NFL draft. His lack of height at work again! Although they copped some hammering for their decision, one can see why the Seahawks believed they were justified in their choice. This guy had been the first freshman quarterback ever named in an All-ACC first team. He’d also broken various college records throughout his college football playing years. He was just … short! For a quarterback.

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Russell Wilson Workout - 2Wilson beat out 2 other contenders for the role of starting quarterback for the Seahawks in his rookie season. He then proceeded to fully justify their faith in him. The team made the 2012 postseason playoffs but lost to Atlanta Falcons in the second round.

Along the way Wilson picked up player of the week and player of the month awards. He also equalled or bettered a number of passing and touchdown records. And earned his first Pro Bowl selection as a replacement for Matt Ryan.

In 2013 the Seahawks went one further and made it to Super Bowl XLVIII. They went on to win. Wilson was subsequently voted in as their offensive captain, a title he has retained ever since. The team again made Super Bowl XLIX in 2014 but were defeated in the final moments of the game. All hail the shortest quarterback ever to not only start in a Super Bowl, which he’s done twice, but to also win one!

Could Russell Wilson Supplements Have Helped Those Records Tumble?

Russell Wilson Workout - 3Wilson subsequently spent 2015 breaking numerous club records. The team got through to the divisional playoff round for the 3rd time but were defeated by the Carolina Panthers.

Injured at the start of the 2016 season, Russell nevertheless played in all 16 games and helped the Seahawks to reach the playoffs yet again. In 2017 he continued to break records, although the team missed the playoffs for the first time since he joined them. He was also named to his fourth Pro Bowl. Could something like Russell Wilson supplements have helped?

Russell Wilson graduated from college not just as a well-decorated football player but also with a degree. As he said back in 2008 when he left high school – “a college education is something you’ll always have.” A long football career – maybe not.

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To be continued …

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