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Ryan Shazier is another legendary player sidelined by serious career ending injuries who is relying on remnants of his former Ryan Shazier workout routine as part of his rehabilitation. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ line back suffered serious spinal injuries last season that left him, fortunately temporarily, paralyzed. It hasn’t kept him out away from the team though. As soon as he was able to get about he was back at pre-season training camp helping out wherever he could. Even if it was from a golf cart most of the time. These days he’s getting about a bit better with a cane.

Ryan Shazier Workout Now For Rehabilitation

Ryan Shazier Workout - 2Regardless, Ryan’s passion for football, and the Steelers, has never wavered. Nor has his commitment to spending part of every day working out. These days though it’s more about rehabilitation than training. However, he’s never lost hope that he will one day make a triumphant return to the football field.

Ryan’s injury on December 4th in 2017 caused a spinal contusion in his lower back. It left him without movement or sensation in his legs. He underwent spinal stabilization surgery a few days after the accident. Gradually movement and feeling have been restored to his legs. Just over a month after the accident he was out and about supporting his teammates and attending various sporting events around Pittsburgh. Albeit in a wheelchair, then with the help of a cane.

Ryan Shazier Workout Currently focusing On The Upper Body

Ryan Shazier Workout - 3What’s does a rehabilitation Ryan Shazier workout routine involve? We know from the videos he’s posted to Instagram that he’s back in the Steelers’ gym working on his upper body. He’s seen doing pull-ups on the video. How long it’ll be before he’s allowed to put the same intensity back into his leg workouts though remains to be seen.

Apart from his football stats, Ryan is also known for his hairless appearance. That shiny bald head however is not the result of shaving, waxing or any other hair removal process. He has had alopecia areata, an autoimmune form of hair loss, since he was 5. Remarkably in 2016 teammates suddenly noticed some stubble happening on his head. His body had somehow managed to reboot its immune system so it was no longer attacking his own hair follicles. Although he shaved it for the remainder of the season, he did allow it to grow during the off-season. And whilst he’s unlikely to ever sport the 3 foot long locks of his former team mate Troy Polamalu, that little bit of growth on top along with some eyebrows gives him a whole new look.

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