Butt Exercise Mini Series - Saddle Bags And Upper Lower Butt Section
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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Saddle Bags and Upper/Lower Butt Section

Managing Saddle Bags

Saddlebags refer to the extension of the hip that is normally associated to access fat on the hip and thigh creating an overly bulbous hour glass shape that is very heavy at the bottom. This is characteristic to women as when women gain fat the first areas that fat will store is here.

To reduce the fat in this area, the normal slimming techniques for overall weight loss should be started first. This is because generally females will loose fat in those areas first before fat in other areas will reduce. Thus you general dieting, calorie cutting and routine exercises should be attempted first before any other means are tried. On the flipside, if you are a man and suffer from saddlebags, then the basic dieting will reduce the fat deposit there however not successfully eliminate it. Research has shown that men who deposit fat in the hip regions generally either have a family history of it or suffer from hormonal imbalances.

Before going into exercises and trimming techniques for troublesome thigh saddlebags, I’d like to go into a bit about hormones and how they actually contribute largely to the development of problems like cellulite and saddlebags, for both guys and girls. The main element that causes hormonal imbalances in this day and age is the food that we eat. Research has shown that due to the amount of growth hormones put into our poultry and cattle; a lot of it is passed down the food chain to the final consumers us. This means that we are actually consuming a high proportion of the growth hormones given to poultry and cattle. The best medium of transfer for growth hormones is milk.

Now that we know the dangers that we are faced with everyday from the growth hormones in our food, we must understand that weird fat accumulation can be directly caused by having a diet rich in milk, cattle and chicken products. In this case you should try other alternatives before going for any other radical options. This is especially true for men, as men really should not have saddlebags; if they do it’s probably because of their diet.

After doing your basic exercises like the Outer Thigh Leg Lift and some weight loss diets and regimes, you should see a significant reduction of the problematic saddlebag problem. Generally this would be more than enough for most people, however there are a unlucky few who even when fat is lost in most other areas of the body, the thighs and saddle bags remain a problematic area. In which case, we have to go to more drastic measures.

The first thing you I recommend you try is an 1 hour to 1.5 hour bicycle ride either using a mountain bike or a stationary unit. Make sure that your heart rate is relatively high but be just enough that you don’t exhaust yourself before the set time. What happens here is that after 20 minutes the carbohydrates stored at the muscles are used up and the body has to draw more energy from other sources, and since the exercise isn’t particularly exertive, the body will choose to burn fat rather than muscle. The extra time will mean there is a slow burn of the fat and fat will be drawn from the largest deposit, meaning the thighs or the saddlebags.

I personally don’t believe in creams, as all they do it tighten the muscles however after 1 or 2 days the skin will loosen up again and you’re left back at the drawing board. Alternatively, the best way to permanently tighten skin is to actually get some sun and salt! If you aren’t too self conscious, a trip to the beach will do your skin good in tightening it.

Additionally, there is also great benefit in drinking more plain water What happens is that if you consume a lot of water, the body get used to the situation where water is always readily available thus it reduces water retention which will also help in making your saddle bags smaller.

Having explained all this, I would like to say that although you may think that your saddlebags are big, some people may actually like it, its just a matter of human preferences, so before you go about trying to loose the assets, you should consider if they actually do you more good being there than not.

Managing Excess Fat at the Lower Butt Area

What I am referring to here is the section of your butt that hangs below the hip joint. Right at the bottom of your butt cheeks there is normally a normally a small slab of fat that creates an overhang. This region is notoriously hard to work on as fat is very readily deposited there and normally stays there.

One thing to realize is that this region consist most of fat and skin with very little muscle, the only thing you would want to do with this area is to either reduce the amount of fat to make it hang a bit less or to tighten the skin so that more of the fat is transferred upwards accenting the shape of the butt.

If you are interested in fat reduction then the only option is a very simple weight loss program which will also help in reducing the weight in other areas including the butt area. The problem with this area is that it is very hard to develop a good exercise program as the gluteus maximus muscle is located above this area thus working the glutes will not necessarily have an impact on this area.

On the other hand if you would like to try tighten the skin to try lift the butt area, there are very simple methods to do this. The first method is to try get some sun, literally go to the beach where you can get salt water and the sun acting on the area which will help tighten the skin. Alternatively you can also try make it easier for the fat to be brought up through the pores by sweat when you are exercising by keeping the pores open and always keeping it clean. This has to work in conjunction with properly massaging the area so the fat is evenly distributed.

Managing Excess Fat at the Upper Butt Section

What I am referring too here is the fat that is situated on the upper side of the butt which basically makes the butt look round and conform to the whole bubble butt problem that some people don’t find particularly enticing. What happens is that instead of the fat being deposited at the lower part of the butt, fat is instead deposited at the top.

The good news is that the gluteus maximus muscle is located directly below the upper butt area thus with enough exercise it is relatively easy to spot reduce fat from the upper butt area compared to the side of the thigh or even the lower butt area. So far, the best exercises for targeting access fat at the upper butt area are deep squats. As with any fat reduction exercise that isn’t cardio based like running or walking, it is important to keep the reps high and the weight low. For the best results I would recommend that you not even use any weights, instead just do deep squats but with very high reps (50-80) per set. Because you are not using any weights you can afford to do very deep squats, make sure your heel touches your butt when you go down.

Normal dieting does not work so well for reducing fat in this area, especially for women as the first place that the body will absorb is from the thighs and the lower butt. With prolonged dieting this area can be affected however the results might not be satisfactory as you may have lost weight in other areas which you might not have wanted.

Again I have to say, you should be aware that although you may consider your butt big or disproportioned, it might be your view, other may think that your butt is just fine and might not require any work. Do ask for opinions before committing yourself to work out certain areas of your butt.

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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Saddle Bags and Upper/Lower Butt Section
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