Samaje Perine - Is He The Running Back With The Mostest?

Samaje Perine – Is He The Running Back With The Mostest?

As one YouTube viewer so succinctly put it, Samaje Perine looks more like a ‘tank’ wearing a footie uniform than a footballer! The former Oklahoma Sooner running back and now 2017 NFL draft player might be shorter than many of his soon to be fellow NFL players at just 5’10” but he sure makes up for it in bulk.

The guy can also bench press almost his own not inconsiderable weight, and not just once or twice either but an amazing 30 times! Although he modestly admits that back in high school he used to be able to do it 35 times!

Samaje Perine outbenched every running backSamaje weighs in at 235 pounds and can bench press 225 pounds. That’s going to make him a formidable foe on the football field. Just imagine that bearing down on you at full speed during a game!

He already has impressive college football statistics – during three seasons at Oklahoma Uni he clocked up 4,122 rushing yards and 49 rushing touchdowns.

It also isn’t surprising that he has a reputation as one of the strongest players in the college football system – his peers and trainer already rate him as having the strength of 2 o linesmen!

Clearly, whichever team eventually drafts him is going to have a running back with a reputation an offensive linesman would be proud of.

Samaje started weight training during his freshman year in high school and admits that he’s become somewhat addicted to it. To the point where he can now handle 315 pounds on the bar with consummate ease. He’s a performance coach’s dream because he can pretty much move whatever is put on the bar, and enjoy doing it.

Oh and those 30 bench presses – only 2 half-backs have ever done more at an NFL Combine. And at this particular Combine, only 4 offensive linemen pressed more. So it seems that although Samaje is a running back, he certainly wouldn’t be out of place as an offensive linesman either.

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