Change Your Sexual Environment And Get More Excitement
Sexual Stamina

Change Your Sexual Environment And Get More Excitement

Sometimes we start to wonder how to spice up our sex life. And sometimes we fail to see a way to do that. But do we really?

My theory is that we don’t want change that bad. In fact, I don’t think we want it at all. It’s stressful to change. We would much rather change our partner than our environment. Why is that? Because then it’s all about us, men. And we like it that way. And besides, we are never the ones who are having a problem reaching orgasm. So why should we even make an effort?

You know, you are maybe not even aware of what goes on in your head. We are lazy beyond belief, and we will make excuses and not take action. I’ll make it easy on you, and I’ll give you plenty of ideas on how to get more excitement out of your sex life.

1. Get a sex toy. There are plenty of places to get adult toys online. A sex toy is plenty of fun, and it will improve the intimacy between you and your partner. It’s normal to be nervous at first, but then again… it’s worth it.

2. Go to your office and do it there. Yeah, it’s old, but it’s proven to work. You know what happens after that? You start to associate your workplace with sex. You will find yourself more passionate about your job than ever before. That alone is a good thing.

3. A changing room in a clothes shop or the bathroom of a (preferably fancy) restaurant. Again some well known places to have sex. But admit it, you were never really considering doing it. Well, just do it!

You see, it’s all about variety and excitement. When you met your partner, the excitement was at its peak. You were new to each other, and there was plenty to discover. Be sure that there still is plenty of stuff you don’t know about your partner. It takes more than a lifetime to get to know someone. So everytime you think your relationship is boring, think of a way to make it exciting. There will always be a way. Always.

Have Sex To Resist Getting Sick

People say that sexual partners should stay away from each other when one of them is ill. A Switzerlandish doctor doesn’t share that opinion. He thinks that in order to get better fast, you should be having even more sex than usual.

Dr. Manfred Shedlowsky has done a research which showed interesting results. It clearly shows that a man’s immune system is getting stronger, when he is having sex. Which means, that instead of being separate, the lovers should be in sexual contact as often as possible.

The reason is in cells called phagocytes, which help the body recover from any illness.

During the research, Dr. Manfred found out, that the phagocytes count in human body is getting higher at unbelievable rates right after the sexual act. In some cases, it even doubles. This helps your body to get over the illness with ease. It doesn’t have to battle with the attackers for weeks.

The simple conclusion is that if you want to be truly healthy, you must have a regular sex life. And if you have a problem in this area, there is always a simple solution. Whatever it is, it’s treatable with the right herbal remedy. Regain your masculine powers, and be healthy! It’s that simple.

Alcohol Use Influences Your Performance In Bed

The frequent use of alcohol leads to serious problems with potency and the sex life of men, according to a new medical research.

Medics from India have found out, that alcoholics have significantly lower levels of testosterone, and are suffering from impotence much more frequently than the average men. Men, who drink alcohol have erection problems in 71% of the cases, while those who don’t use alcohol don’t have such problems.

Another research shows, that the risk from spontaneous abortion for women is ten times higher if the man has had more than 10 drinks the week before you’ve had sex.

“Men must understand, that alcohol is the arch enemy of their sexual life and their ability to create an offspring.”, explains Dr. Mutusamy, the leader of the research crew.

On the other hand, it can’t be said with absolute certainty, that the use of small dosage of alcoholic drinks can lead to such problems, the specialists add.

A potential threat for the sexual activities and potency is not only observed in men who drink, but also in women with the same habit. They can also experience difficulty while trying to get pregnant.

Ginger Transforms The Man Into A Tiger

A good sex is not only a measure of masculinity. If things are all right in bed, that’s a sign, that every one of us is physically and emotionally healthy.

Of course, it’s not uncommon to experience problems, but they can be dealt with, if found soon enough.

We shouldn’t make a tragedy out of the temporary condition. Classical and natural medicine know a number of aids that can deal with the condition.

We’re not talking only about drugs and unpleasant exams in the doctor’s cabinet. The lifestyle has a huge influence over the sexual activity and the state of the mind as a whole.

The so called aphrodisiacs should be an integral part of your daily menu. They not only give sexual power, but they support the healthy living of your whole body.

Few people know, that ginger is one of the widely used aphrodisiacs. This spice is used quite often in African and Asian recipes. It’s taste is a mix of sweet and spicy and it can be used with all kinds of soups and salads.

Besides being an aphrodisiac, the ginger supports blood flow, clears the lungs, and is a remedy for stomach aches.

Having 250mg to 1000 mg of ginger daily can help you prevent becoming overweight, and you’ll also improve the activity of your intestines.

The ginger is one of the first Asian spices, that were transferred to Europe. The Arabian traders didn’t reveal from which it comes. They assured the buyers, that it is brought to them from the lands behind the far Red Sea, and it’s guarded by dragons.

Environmental Pollution Influences Your Potency

Since a long while ago it’s being said, that pollution lowers potency. Swedish research shows for the first time, that some domestic and industrial polluting agents can cripple the sperm production, which can lead to sexual health problems.

The Swedish scientists examined 149 fishermen, who had been exposed to resistant organic polluting agents. Results show, that men, who have been exposed for a longer period of time, had significantly higher Y-chromosome count.

Other similar studies show that if during pregnancy, a woman is exposed to pollution, there is a risk for the male babies to develop light genital malformations.

So keep yourself, and your family away from pollution. Now there are more reasons to do that, than you need.

Change Your Sexual Environment And Get More Excitement
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