Shoulder Training to Get Big Shoulders
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Shoulder Training to Get Big Shoulders

We are going to take a comprehensive look at shoulder training and the best way to get big shoulders. When I think of big strong shoulders the first image that comes to my mind is Atlas holding the world on his powerful shoulders. Maybe you have herd the saying “put your shoulder into it” or “he has shoulders like a football player”. Shoulders represent the strength of an individual, and shoulder training is a must if you want a complete well developed body.

The shoulders are broken down into four different muscle groups.

  • The first is the front deltoid which is responsible for raising your arm to the front.
  • The second is the side deltoid which is used to elevate the arm to the side.
  • The third is the rear deltoid which assists in drawing your arm to the rear.
  • The fourth shoulder muscle is the trapezius (traps for short) muscle.

The traps are the two triangle shaped muscles located at the base of the neck. The traps are technically part of your back, but since so many weight lifters train their traps with their shoulders(Including me) I’ve grouped them with shoulder training.

If you want to get big shoulders you must train all four muscles. Your shoulder training should consist of four primary movements to properly stimulate all the different shoulder muscle groups. Your main exercise should consist of some type of shoulder press. The shoulder press puts works the whole shoulder, but the primary stress is felt by the front of the shoulder. Try to stay clear of the behind the head shoulder press as this can often lead to shoulder injury. Side lat raises are a great exercise for the side deltoid.

Do not attempt to use a heavy weight when performing this exercise. Instead use a light weight and focus on strict form. Train the rear delta with bent over side lateral raises or the reverse peck flyers(my personal favorite). As with the side lat raises, use a lighter weight and keep strict form.

There is only one good way to train your traps, and that is with shrugs. When you start getting into heavier weights with your shrugs you may want to consider investing in a pair of wrist wraps. Training your traps with heavy weights will often cause your forearms to give out first and this will inter fear with your shoulder development.

Sample shoulder training routine to get big shoulders.

Barbell Front Shoulder Press 3-sets 6-8 reps
Side lateral raise 3-sets 10-15 reps
Reverse pec flyes 3-sets 10-15 reps
Dumbbell shrugs 3-sets 8-12 reps

This is just a sample and you may need to adjust the sets to fit you own personal goals. Following this advice on how to get big shoulders will lay a strong foundation for your muscle building goals.

Shoulder Training to Get Big Shoulders
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