What are the Possible Side Effects of Prohormones?
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What are the Possible Side Effects of Prohormones?

Because prohormones alter the body’s hormone profile, and therefore intrinsic body chemistry, some side effects are inherent to prohormone use. Most prohormone side effects are relatively mild and transient, but if not used properly, more severe side effects could occur. To make things even more confusing, people respond differently to prohormones, and some people are more prone to side effects than others.

One of the main side effects associated with prohormone supplements is the possibility of sensitive nipples, which is the onset of gynocomastia. This occurs because some androgens convert to estrogens in the body. This is known as aromatization. Some prohormones aromatize more than others, so do your research. Another way you can get symptoms of gynocomastia is because the body will naturally produce mor estrogen when testosterone levels rise. This can be a problem when you come off cycle because your estrogen will stay high as your testosterone comes down to normal levels. Taking a good PCT supplement after your cycle will help prevent this from happening. Another great supplement to combat estrogen is 6-Bromo. It is an anti-aromatase that will reduce conversion of androgens to estrogens.

Other side effects of prohormones can include low sex drive, altered sleeping patterns, acne, back pumps, and even lethargy. These side effects are very individualized – some people will experience one or more of these and some won’t. It also varies greatly depending on which compounds you are using.

Many advanced prohormone formulas have ingredients to combat these possible side effects, such as test boosters to fight libido loss. In general, it is a good idea to start with a milder formula and work your way up to stronger compounds as you have an understanding how your body responds to prohormones.

Always do your research, and ask questions to help determine which prohormone supplements may have a higher risk of side effects. Always use good cycle support and Post-Cycle Therapy to keep negative reactions to a minimum.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Prohormones?
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