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Simple Diet Tips

How many running miles did you clock on the health meter or your new fitness tracker today before realizing that exercise alone is not enough to getting that fit, toned body you have been dreaming about?

This story is almost every weight-loss aspirant’s woe, that will take a new twist only when the plot is changed.

So, change your plot – we tell you exactly how to go about it.

All dietitians harp on one common idea for successful weight loss and good health – the will to change.

But with the will to change and with a regular fitness regime, you also need to follow a healthy and balanced diet plan, if proper and long-term weight loss is your goal.

Fret not, as we have charted out a list of the best diet tips out there, that will have you eating healthy in a cinch.

Read and implement for natural weight loss and better health!

9 eating commandments or diet tips that will make you lose those pounds safely, easily and effectively:

1. Have a hearty breakfast: Add proteins, fibre and sprouts to fill the stomach for longer and give you energy. Stay low on the fat in your morning meal.

2. Snack smart: Pile your pizza with veggies, grab a handful of almonds, or just dig into those fruits when you feel like snacking.

Television watching is a diet killer – so switch off that idiot box and get a new hobby. Or maybe reignite an older one. Learn to knit – it will help you de-stress. Or make candle or soap!

If you’re addicted to the daily televised dramas, keep your hands busy with some sort of activity so you won’t be inclined to grab a bag of chips or a soda.

Bonus Diet Tip: Slice up cucumbers or carrots into long sticks and make a minty yogurt dip or hummus to go with them. Just dip and eat – crunchy, healthy and yummy – win-win!

3. Junk food rule: Once a week is the limit – have it on the weekends with friends. This way you won’t have to stick to your diet if you’re at a party and salivate at the tempting foods there.

Replace those sugar-loaded cans of sodas for fresh juices or smoothies. If there are withdrawal symptoms, then help yourself to just one a day and stick to diet soda.

4. Go green – literally! Green your meals with veggies of varied hues. Also add some healthy protein and go easy on the carbs.

5. Say NO to alcohol. Keep the booze at bay for it is filled with empty calories, will give you flatulence and make you grow a belly faster than a cheesecake will!

6. Say Yes to Water. Eight to ten glasses of water are needed to flush out the toxins daily – nothing less will do.

7. Have small meals. Split your meals into smaller portions and eat more often.

8. Lifestyle changes: Walk everywhere, get active. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Tone those legs into shape! Park your car a little distance away from the destination and walk to it.

9. Keep a check on you mental health. A positive attitude is priceless in following our diet tips and sticking with your will to change and be healthy. Join an online weight watchers’ forum to not feel isolated in your fitness efforts.

Diet tips are like wares on display; so choose wisely. There’s a thin line that separates a healthy diet from a dangerous one. Don’t follow any fad/new diet without taking proper medical advice.

Remember – being healthy and eating right is much better than being thin and unwell.

Also keep in mind that any diet that compromises your exercise routine should be discarded.

Daily cardio like running or walking and rigorous workouts will keep your muscles toned and your will towards good health and a smoldering body alive and kicking!

Be wise in your diet choices and implement these simple, easy and effective diet tips for weight loss, good health and that svelte body you have been yearning for!

Simple Diet Tips
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