Weight Loss Tips: 10 Ways to Slash 100 Calories a Day
Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips: 10 Ways to Slash 100 Calories a Day

Going on a diet does not guarantee weight loss; we may cheat from time to time and have a big slice of chocolate cake. We may even give up on the diet once we see a small improvement. But no matter what, you are not guaranteed success. What you need is discipline; but not just discipline to avoid eating a whole apple pie, or diving into a cheesecake. I mean every day of your life must dedicate to your goal. Is this too much? No; to lead a healthy life, you need to live healthy every day, not just when it is convenient.

One of the easiest ways to cut down on weight is to count your calories. And what’s better than that is to count the calories you CUT. By eliminating or changing elements of your diet, you can easily fit into that swimsuit once summer pokes its head out. Here are ten easy ways to cut out 100 calories a day from your diet.


1. Switch to 1% milk

This should be easy enough: when you buy milk, buy 1% milk; you don’t need the creamy texture of whole milk for your morning bowl of cereal, so why add the weight?

2. Use smaller bowls for your cereal and smaller glasses

This is a common notion these days: by switching to a slightly smaller bowl, you will eat less. It’s that simple. You will still feel full, but you will have cut out unnecessary calories that would just stick around anyway.


3. Fruits and nuts

Skip the cupcakes, muffins, potato chips, chocolate, candy bars, or any other snack you get from a vending machine. Why not bring a fruit salad with a variety of fruit from home; you will have more flavor, plenty of energy from the natural sugars, and your waist line will like you too!

4. Indulge in moderation

Let’s face it; a banana will never be as tempting as a cake or chocolate. You have to give in, so just don’t overdo it. Have a sliver of cake instead of a whole piece.


5. Choose tuna in water

Tuna is an excellent lunch choice, but since it is often packed in oil, it is frequently left on the shelf. Choose a brand of tuna that comes in water as opposed to oil.

6. Use cooking spray

Use a non-stick cooking spray instead of reaching for butter. Fact: there is nothing (NOTHING!) nutritious in butter.

7. Top your burgers/sandwiches with veggies

Instead of using processed cheese, top your burgers and sandwiches with plenty of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions. For your sandwiches, top it with so many veggies that you have no room for meat.


8. Slow down

Sit back and enjoy your meal; savor every bite. Not only will you appreciate your food, but you will likely not ask for seconds.

9. Read the label

A lot of canned or packaged foods are actually designed for two or even three servings. Read the label before you start cooking and determine how much you need.

10. Dressing on the side

Have your salad dressing on the side and dip your fork into it before hitting the lettuce.

Weight Loss Tips: 10 Ways to Slash 100 Calories a Day
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