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Some Essential Insider Tips on Preparation for a Bodybuilding Competition

The obvious and most demanding preparation for a career in bodybuilding is the working out and sculpting of your body.  That is a process that goes on for months if not years before you are finally ready to compete in serious bodybuilding championships.  It is assumed that when you begin to make plans to compete in bodybuilding events, you have done much of the essential physical training so your shape is ready for that big next step.

There are some detailed preparations that you should put together into a checklist so that with each bodybuilding competition you have ahead of you, you begin early doing the basic preparations to be ready on the day you compete.  Part of that preparation is making sure you pick your bodybuilding shows or competitions carefully.

Your trainer can help with this is he or she is well versed in the landscape of bodybuilding competitions both locally, nationally and internationally.  If you are just starting out, it is always smart to begin with some local competitions. In that way, you learn the ropes of how to prepare and how to compete once the show gets underway.  Along with good management of your bodybuilding career, some other tips on preparation for each competition include…

•    Step up your dieting 90 days before the competition.  In this way, your shape is well defined when you step out on stage to compete.  Your diet should be controlled by eating five or six small meals each day and keeping your diet to lean proteins, green vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

•    Step up your workouts as well.  You will want to put a lot of emphasis on exercises that emphasize bulk and definition of key muscle groups.  By also increasing the amount of protein in your diet, you will be providing fuel for more intense sessions at the gym.  In the last few weeks before the show, slow down on the intensity of your training so you are ready to perform on the day of the competition.

•    Add cardio exercises to trip your shape and get lean just before the competition.  Your trainer can help define how to increase the cardio in your workouts in such as way as not jeopardize your conditioning prior to competing.

•    Learn the poses and know the routines you will use when the competition gets underway.  Do run throughs of your routines frequently with your trainer so they are second nature by show day.  Posing takes practice so get it right and you don’t want to appear insecure when you get out on stage to make your move toward a championship.

•    Make your decision about your posing trucks and get them ordered well ahead of when you will need them.  Take some time and get some advice on what looks great on you and which posing outfits show your body off the best.  By getting them ordered and in your possession early, that is one less stress to worry about in the last weeks before you compete.

•    Prepare your tan well in advance.  Most bodybuilders use a tanning product like ProTan to get a great tan that will be visually appealing during the competition.  It takes time to get just the right shade so you should start early.  In fact, even if you don’t have a competition coming up , it pays to experiment how you are going to get the right tanning look so if you make a mistake, you have time to correct it.

These are some basic preparations and you will learn to expand and enhance this list the more you compete.  The day of competition is a critical time when you should think about how to stay dry and lean so you don’t have any water weight to dilute your look.  But if you have practiced your posing, prepared your body and you have your tan and outfits together, those worries will not disturb your concentration.  Then it is a matter of getting in the right frame of mind to get out there and be confident, have fun and win yourself some trophies.

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