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The best Supplements for gaining Muscles: Whey Protein and Creatine

Whey Protein and Creatine Everyone believes the best supplements for gaining muscles are whey protein and creatine. Yes, they are very important in a diet to gain muscle but only in specific situations. Along with the infamous, you can also find other interesting products. If you drink multiple protein shakes a day and do not […]

Collagen As A Health Supplement
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Collagen as a Health Supplement

Collagen: The Fountain of Youth For Your Skin PlanetSupplement.com analyzes the best health supplements and reviews them thoroughly. Most people desire to fight the ravages of age and retain their soft, supple skin, and collagen supplements can play a vital role in achieving that desire. Collagen is absolutely vital to the makeup of our skin, […]

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Weight Training Exercises – Exercise Workouts – Aerobic Exercise

Weight training exercises or fitness weight training is one of the key foundation pillars of a successful exercise program. Most people assume that weight loss comes from aerobic exercise. This is partially true but building muscle eliminates fat and consumes calories at a faster rate. It is therefore imperative to find out more about weight training […]