5 Tips To Stay Healthy Even If You Are A Business Traveler
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5 Tips For Staying Healthy Even If You Are A Business Traveler

Business travelers face some unique challenges when it comes to exercising and eating healthy. These challenges can be met with some ingenuity and out-of-the-box style thinking. In fact, there is no reason that the average business traveler should have to sacrifice health in order to perform their job duties.

By pursuing physical fitness and making healthy choices, the business traveler will also be allowing themselves an advantage over those who lead a more sedentary lifestyle. Below we will explore 5 different methods that travelers can utilize to eat healthy and engage in exercising while on the road.

Pack a Lunch

If you spend much of your time driving around when traveling for business, you will improve your health by packing your own lunch and snacks. Investing in a small cooler can be a great way to keep foods fresh while on the road. This way, you can avoid eating at fast food chains and gas stations.

You will also be able to eat your meals in more pleasant environments such as picnic areas and overlook parks. The increased aesthetics will help to improve mental health.

Hit the Market

If your hotel is equipped with a refrigerator or kitchenette, be certain to hit up the local markets. Cooking even a few of your own meals will go a long way in keeping you eating healthy. In addition, keeping your room stocked with fresh fruit and other healthy snacks will help you to avoid those late-night calls to room service.

Incorporate Exercising into Your Daily Routine

This is the most important way for business travelers to remain in shape. While the circumstances of your surroundings may change, there are always ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. If you have to park somewhere for a business meeting or luncheon, allow yourself enough time to park far away and walk some of the distance.

This time can also be spent preparing an opening line or greeting to make your mark on a  client. If you are staying at a high-rise hotel, elect to take the stairs as much as possible. Again, this type of lifestyle takes some advanced planning but will soon come as second nature. Taking the stairs will help to burn off calories and will also help to improve lung function and overall strength.

Take Advantage of Facilities and Amenities

Many hotels provide workout and exercising rooms that go largely unused by guests. Taking advantage of these facilities is a great way to remain in shape and burn calories while on the road.  Set the alarm an hour early so that you can ride an exercise bike, run on the treadmill or take a few laps in the swimming pool. You will feel more energized throughout the day and will be happier knowing that you have taken some time to ensure good health.

Ask the concierge or front desk if there is a bike path or nature trail that is appropriate for running or jogging. In addition, if a hotel does not have exercise facilities, many area gyms will allow first-time guests a day of free services. Call around to see if any gyms or fitness centers are offering these types of deals.

Check the Menu in Advance

5 Tips For Staying Healthy Even If You Are A Business TravelerIf you are planning to meet clients for dinner or a luncheon and know where you will be dining, head online to check the menu in advance. This will allow you more time to peruse the healthiest options and make it easier to order without pressure.

Be certain to hydrate with fresh juices and always order a salad with or before your meal. The leafy greens will help to cleanse the system and make digestion of your meal far easier. Forego dessert if possible and choose a light snack such as fresh fruit instead of heavier items like cake and ice-cream.

5 Tips For Staying Healthy Even If You Are A Business Traveler
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