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Staying Healthy on a Budget – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator

One of the biggest obstacles that anyone will ever need to face when attempting to lose weight or stay healthy is to keep up these habits in an affordable manner.

It often seems as if some of the most effective exercises and healthiest foods are simply too expensive, and this has led many to lose hope that they will ever be able to build a strong, healthy, and lean body.

Luckily, a few simple steps can be taken in order remain as healthy as possible while still sticking within a strict budget.

The first step to look at will be the consumption of water.  While most individuals do understand just how important water may be, it is also the cheapest and easiest addition for a healthy lifestyle.

Not only will water improve one’s overall health, it will also help the body to more accurately judge hunger, reducing the consumption of other foods.

Another simple tip to create healthy meals at a great price is to keep a close eye on seasonal fruits and vegetables.  These basic food items should be a very large component of any diet, and those that concentrate on the seasonal varieties will not only save money, they will be able to enjoy better tasting meals throughout the year.

Finally, everyone should come up with an effective and affordable exercise program.  For some, an expensive gym membership or cutting edge equipment may be plausible, but many of the amazing results can be produced with regular walks, running, local sports leagues, and other basic physical activities.

Check our Harris Benedict Formula page to learn more about BMI and BMR … or find your BMI right away using the BMI Body Mass Index Calculator on our website.

Staying Healthy on a Budget – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator
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