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Staying in Shape without the Gym

For all those that are ready to begin the process of becoming healthier and potentially even losing weight, exercise can often be one of the most daunting steps. Even individuals that have exercised regularly in the past may be at a loss of where to start or are simply uninterested in beginning a new training regime.

Luckily, there are a few simple tasks that many individuals carry out every single day that will raise the heart rate, increase circulation, and burn calories without ever stepping foot into a gym.

Cleaning often feels like a chore, but these everyday activities will often burn as many calories as a brisk walk or light jog. This includes yard work, one of the best ways to keep in shape while improving the appearance of one’s property.

Modern studies show that mowing and raking can burn as much as 400 calories per every half hour as long as the individual keeps their heart rate up the entire time. Basic cleaning around the house, including dishes and vacuuming, will also burn anywhere between 200 and 300 calories per half hour.

Individuals that would like to spend a little extra time with their family will also be pleased to hear that playing actively with one’s kids is often as rigorous a workout as a run with nearly 500 calories being burned every half hour with outdoor games.

Carrying out these basic tasks every single day can keep anyone healthy, allow them to bypass the gym, and may even result in a little extra time being spent with the family.

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Staying in Shape without the Gym
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