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Stefon Diggs Workout - 3For Stefon Diggs, workout with the team is an opportunity to display not just his considerable football talents but also his sense of style. Although it has to be said … those who think his shorts are shorter than short these days clearly haven’t watched rugby or Australian Rules Football!

Now that’s really short shorts for you! Unadorned by skin hiding tights to boot! At one stage, Diggs was even looking into seeing if someone would start making shorts for him so that he had a bigger range to choose from.

Does Stefon Diggs’ Workout Need More Leg Exercises?

However, does our budding fashionista really have the legs for short shorts? Some would say not – they’ve labelled them as skinny. In which case, it may be back to the gym for some leg muscle-building exercises for our talented young wide receiver. Innovative training attire like this is nothing new for Minnesota Vikings players though. Mike Wallace signed up with the team for the 2015 season and was also known for his penchant for non-conformist training gear. Maybe it’s a ‘wide receiver thing’!

Stefon Diggs Workout - 1Diggs’ ‘skinny’ legs though haven’t stopped him becoming part of one of the NFL’s most feared receiver duos with fellow Viking Adam Thielen. Between them, the pair have notched up an enviable record of catches, yards, and touchdowns. They also had a new quarterback tossing balls their way this past season. Kirk Cousins joined the Vikings before the start of the 2018 but prior to his arrival in Minnesota, Diggs and Thielen took time out to fly down and introduce themselves. That’s the type of team players they are.

When Stefon Diggs workout routine can no longer keep him fit enough to play football, he has plans. He’s a lousy cook; he admits to nearly burning down his house the one time he tried. So in true Stefon Diggs style, that’s something he wants to overcome. He intends to take cooking lessons. We’ve also mentioned his keen sense of fashion style. He’s been this way since grade school. Therefore, it’s quite on the cards that he’ll also pursue this interest once he leaves the gridiron behind. With his innate sense of style and flair, he’ll probably do very well too.

Stefon Diggs Workout And Diet

For the moment though he’s keeping his nose to the football grindstone. Although he is a confessed taco lover, he tries to keep his fondness for them under control during the season. So it’s GMO free vegetables and plenty of carbs to keep him fueled during the long season. As for his workout routines – they’re predominantly geared towards ensuring his feet and hands are fast, flexible, and accurate. The result is a powerhouse receiver that other teams find difficult to contain.

It seems that Stefon Diggs Workout Supplements (which is what we like to call them) are absolutely legal. There’s nothing sinister about them at all.

Sure, Stefon Diggs works out like mad but it’s this secret addition to his daily menu that looks to be helping him to maintain the power and the strength he requires to remain at the very top of his game. Here is our account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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