Stephen Amell Training Routine

Stephen Amell Training Routine

Stephen Amell Training RoutineMale celebrities are among the sexiest people on earth with great physiques. This  does not come without breaking a sweat though. Male celebrities have invested a lot of money and time in keeping fit to help them get those bodies their fans would die for. Having such bodies  does not have to be that hard. We are here to guide you through this journey by giving you all the details about the fitness of your favorite male celebrities. From their daily exercise routines to their coaches and fitness programs to tips they consider helpful, we give you all the information you need to know.

Fitness is not only about exercising; what you eat matters too. For this reason, top celebrities have nutritional experts who advise them on what to take and what not to. If you have been wondering what foods you need to take to build lean muscles then we have the right advice for you. The male celebrities we feature on our website share the secrets on what to eat and what not to. The better news is that they are living proof that what they recommend actually works. The celebrities share things they have tried and given great results as is evident in their great physique.

Why is what we are offering you worthwhile? Keeping fit is an expensive venture that will usually require you to invest in expensive programs some of which may not have proof of effectiveness. With our celebrity fitness information, however, everything has been set up for you. All you have to do is copy it. Celebrities have already paid their personal trainers and nutritionists to come up with the perfect regime for keeping fit and you need not do the same. Just take the advice and put it into action. It is that simple!

On our site, you can expect to find all the male celebrities with great bodies. From athletes to actors and even musicians you can expect to find their workout programs on our website. From the many available celebrities whose program can you choose to follow? Do you just use your favorite celebrity’s? While this may work, it may not always give successful results. The best way to approach it is to choose the fitness program of a celebrity with a body type similar to yours and if possible, those who have set fitness goals same as yours. With the many male celebrities, we have on our site, you will definitely find a celebrity with a fitness regime that will work for you.

Stephen Amell Training Routine

Every fitness enthusiast that is abreast with the latest news on who is trending in fitness and showbiz knows about Stephen Amell, the superstar of CW’s new and popular TV series Arrow.

The star portrays the early life of DC Comic’s character The Green Arrow, following in the footsteps of Smallville.

Stephen Amell is no stranger to the gym. He boasts of a total physique that has become the envy of many—a chiseled chest, tapered back, washboard abs, and ripped shoulders.

His appearance is what you would expect from a superhero who parkours over buildings and takes out bad guys using a bow and arrows.

Stephen’s level of fitness does not come easily; it is a result of years of persistent workouts lifting weights and other workouts.

He uses a unique workout strategy that got him the body to qualify for his new role in the first place.

While diet is an important element to such level of success in fitness, lifting weights and other exercises play equally vital roles.

In this post, I will let you in on five weight training exercises that Stephen Amell uses, and you can use them too—with hard work and dedication—to achieve the superhero chiseled body like his.

  1. Barbell Shoulder Press

This is an excellent exercise to strengthen your straps, build your shoulders, and define the triceps.

Doing the barbell shoulder press will really blow up the muscles, and help you get the most out of the bench presses.

Because challenge is key, you should begin this exercise at a high weight to achieve the biggest impact. Aim at getting a good warmup first, then do 4 of 12, 10, 8, and 6 consecutively.

  1. Deadlift

One of the best power exercises recommended by Stephen, the deadlift works several muscles at a time, including the lower and upper back muscles, the glutes (butt muscles), forearms, hamstrings, and traps.

Incorporate deadlifts in your workout schedule and aim at doing 4 set counts of 12, 10, 8, and 6 just like the barbells.

  1. Dumbbell Chest Press

Dumbbells are the best exercises to do when you need to get intense workouts and the biggest most visible muscle bulges on your chest.

According to Stephen, the dumbbell chest presses, when done for just a couple of weeks with increasing weight and resistance, can totally make your chest muscles look defined and ripped.

While planning your workouts, do the dumbbell chest presses consistently for 4 weeks, aiming at 4 sets that take you to the maximum weight in 5 to 6 sets of 4 to 6 reps.

  1. One-Armed Rows

The one-armed rows focuses on developing the upper back, the biceps, and the lats.

Being one of the most effective bicep and back workouts at your disposal, they will bring huge gains to the upper body strengths within just a few weeks.

While doing the one-armed rows, be sure to do 10, 8, 6, and 6 repetitions for 4 sets and keep your elbow in and your back naturally arched.

  1. Chin Ups

The chin ups is a more natural approach to using the weight of your body for resistance.

It is a great workout to strengthen the upper body, including the biceps and the back.

Aim at doing 4 sets of between 12 and 14 reps in every session.

As you can see, all these are compound exercises that work multiple muscles at a time, focusing on large muscles to achieve the greatest visual impact.

These exercises should help you get started on your journey to getting a fine body like that of Stephen Amell.

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