Stephen Curry Supplements

Stephen Curry Supplements

Stephen Curry Supplements – Will They Cost Him His MVP Trophy?

Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry was ordained to play basketball even though he’s relatively short as basket ballers go and certainly no heavyweight in the build department either. The son of NBA pro Dell Curry, Stephen Curry SupplementsSteph and his brother Seth were hanging around shooting hoops with their Dad’s team mates almost from the time they were in diapers.

Small wonder then that both boys learned all the tricks of the trade very early on in life. Skills that would stand them in good stead as they launched their own NBA careers.

Steph unsurprisingly was a standout high school basketball player – when you’ve been training with pros for most of your life you tend to learn a thing or two.

He led his high school and college teams to undefeated championship victories time and again. As a professional player, he’s since won back-to-back MVP awards, once of which was unanimous. It’s the first time an MVP award has ever been unanimous. He’s also been named the NBA’s best shooter of all time.

With his slight build though, standing up to some of the bigger guys in the competition would be a tough call. So it’s come as no surprise that Steph has decided to do something about building up some muscle. Word on the street is that he’s done it by using a couple of dietary muscle supplements renowned for the lean muscle and ripped abs they produce in an amazingly short amount of time.

Are they legit? For the moment they’re not on the list of banned substances but that could well change because we admit, they do give guys who use them an unfair advantage in the muscle-building department. We’ve had guys everywhere tell us how insanely ripped they’ve become after using Steph Curry supplements for a ridiculously short time. Combine that with their fat burning properties and you’ve got a pretty awesome body-building weapon in your arsenal.

So yeah, we think it’s not off the cards that the NBA could well think about banning them at some point. Here’s why we think that….

To be continued …

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