Stephen Curry Workout – Working Out With 2 Balls

Stephen Curry Workout – Working Out With 2 Balls

The Stephen Curry Workout – Working Out With 2 Balls! What are the odds? Really! Recovering from the latest run-in with injury and someone just happens to walk past and asks you if you want to come round to his gym and spend a bit of time doing some ‘ball-handling’ exercises.

To fill in the time whilst you’re recovering and to help you stay sharp. It sounds far-fetched but that is exactly what happened to Stephen Curry and today, several years down the track, that same coach and that same gym are the cornerstone of the Stephen Curry workout regime.

Stephen Curry Warm-up Routine - Stephen Curry Workout – Working Out With 2 BallsAnd they’re still incorporating some of those highly unorthodox but clearly highly effective strategies into his routine that Brandon Payne is known for. Because Stephen Curry, last year’s MVP, is currently the best player in the NBA. If anything, he’s been in even better form this season than he was last season.

So what is the secret of his success? Well, it has to do with a tennis ball. And obviously also a basketball. Plus a lot of thinking outside the square training tactics. It’s the thinking outside the square bit that has given Stephen Curry the exceptional ball handling skills he has.

I mean, dribbling a basketball whilst someone tosses a tennis ball at you and expects you to catch it is going to improve your manual and mental dexterity somewhat. As is dribbling two balls at different speeds and in different rhythms.

It’s all about challenging one’s ability to focus on the jobs at hand. About testing your ability to track several simultaneous actions. This is invaluable on the court because it allows you to successfully focus on doing more than one thing.

And what of Curry’s nutritional regime. Does that match up to his training? Obviously it does or Stephen Curry would not be the standout athlete he is.

For the last couple of months we’ve been hearing stories about how guys in Hollywood such as Vin Diesel and Zac Efron or top NBA players like Stephen Curry have been using two insane new products to lose body fat and add some incredible muscle bulk in mere weeks. Needless to say, when word of these ‘wonder-products’ leaked out men everywhere went crazy over them and their popularity simply exploded! Understandably, our readers have also been going mad over them too and why wouldn’t they?

To be continued …

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