Stomach Exercises for Women

Stomach Exercises for Women

The main aim of the stomach exercises for women is to burn the belly fat which is found under the abdomen. The fat makes a person very uncomfortable and sometimes inactive in doing some things.

However, after the belly fat is burnt completely, the woman regains a very flat belly which for most of them, they are always proud about it due to the nice figure that they get at the end of the exercises. Moreover, to make the process successful, one has to take quality and not quantity of food.

For instance, when you are doing the stomach exercises for women, you are supposed to take very minimal calories so that you reduce the calories in the body, this reduces the abdominal fat, lowering the metabolic rate and eventually gaining weight.

There are a number of exercises that you are supposed to be doing. These are the same stomach exercises for women that you are supposed to be doing if you desire a flat belly.

For example, the aerobic exercises are the best for burning the belly fat. The exercises tend to strengthen the abdominal muscles hence gaining a toned body at the end of the exercises.

However, it is worth noting that during the exercises, you are supposed to maintain a good postural alignment so as to avoid cases of injuries.

For example, for someone doing the stomach exercise for women, you are supposed to ensure that the head is horizontal to the ground over the shoulders. The same case should apply to the feet, they should be placed apart, preferably the hip width.

The following are some of the recommended stomach exercises for women

Right twist left oblique is one of the stomach exercises for women. The exercise involves lying flat on the ground with the hands behind the neck. This way your body is twisted in a way upwards towards to the right knee. This should also be done to the other leg in meeting the left elbow.

You ought to repeat the same for some several times for effective results.

The left twist oblique is the second stomach exercises for women. This exercise involves lying flat on the floor with hands behind the neck just like the previous exercise. However, the body here is twisted in a different direction, to the left knee. Thereafter, lift the other leg towards the right elbow. Repeat the same exercise for a number of times. Note that these stomach exercises for women call for dedication and determination so you should at all be committed and tireless when doing them.

The stomach exercises for women are never complete without the reverse crunches. This exercise involves lying down on the floor with both the legs elevated to approximately 6 inches to 12 inches.  Thereafter, pull the both the legs toward the chest, this is accompanied by the contraction of the lower abdomen.  This is the most tedious exercise that you can ever experience.

For majority of the women who have done the exercise, the outcomes are always overwhelming. They get the most toned bodies. However, some of the exercises are related, for example, the left side crunches is another stomach exercises for women which does well for the burning of the abdominal fats. The only difference between the left side crunches is that the legs bend over the left side. The crunches when the legs are bent are very simple to do and should be repeated for a number of times.

Stomach Exercises for WomenRight side crunches are another exercise for a stomach which has been used by a good number of women who desire to have a toned body. What you need to do when dong this exercise is to lie your back just like other exercises, and then ensure that the legs are bent over the right side.

Then ensure that your back and the shoulders are in a square shape on the ground. However, you are now able to life and crunch on the right. Repeat the whole process for quite a number of times.

Moreover, there is the no-crunch crunch exercise. This exercise resembles the other crunch exercises which involve lying down on the floor just like the other crunch exercises while your knees are bent and both the feet held on to the floor. Thereafter, you are supposed place both the hands below the belly button. Proceed by pressing the two fingers from the two hands into the lower abdomen.

It is worth noting that you must keep the pelvis free from movements when drawing the lower abdomen. However, you can draw your chest upwards while holding the breath. This way, the stomach muscles will tend to stretch hence in the long run strengthening the abdominal muscles. This is the most effective stomach exercises for women because they bring the effect very fast. However, not much effort is required here hence you do not need to strain a lot when doing the workout.

Last and not least, there is the stomach vacuum exercise. This is the exercise that works on the abdominal muscles that the rest. The stomach vacuum exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles hence making the waist gaining a very nice waistline that will leave the woman admiring herself. For majority of women who have tried this exercise, have left a very positive feedback on the exercise due to the results that they experienced at the end of the training period.

However, you should take caution when starting to do the work-outs. This is because there are some exercises that are supposed to be done at the later stage where the abdominal muscles will have got used to the workouts. For instance, for the starters, they are supposed to start with the warming up so as to prepare the body from doing the exercises. Once you get started, start with the shoulders then the upper abdomen then to the lower abdomen. You are supposed to do this one by one so that you do not over work one part of the muscles as it will lead to imbalance.

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