Stop Binge Eating With This 2 Step Approach
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Stop Binge Eating With This 2 Step Approach

Are you a binge eater? No need to worry as there are millions like you. According to a survey, this is the #1 eating disorder in the USA with as much as 3-4% Americans suffering from it.

Look at the positive side – you are at least aware of the dangers of this habit and want to give it up. Many people do not even realize the consequences of binge eating and are happily continuing the habit. If you can put a stop to binge eating, you can be well on your way to lose weight fast and easy.

Even if you have failed in your previous attempts to kick this habit, you have at least made some serious efforts and that should be appreciated. With a little bit of guidance you should be able to overcome the habit for good.

Giving up binge eating may involve a 2 step process. The first step is to reduce food cravings and second step to develop more control over your cravings. Let me explain each step briefly.

Step 1 – Reducing Food Cravings:

Your food cravings usually stem from unresolved negative emotions. Binge eaters indulge in this habit because they are stressed, angry or depressed and are seeking some comfort. Certain foods are known to provide comfort feelings and this is what binge eaters are actually seeking.

Food is just a medium for them to feel good and forget their worries or grief for some time. So in order to overcome binge eating, you have to find other ways of feeling good about yourself and coping with negative feelings without resorting to eating.

One excellent method is to learn relaxation techniques that help in relaxing your mind and body. Relaxation should not just be physical, but it should be mental as well. You can sit comfortably or lie down somewhere where you will not be disturbed and let your whole body relax. Then you can imagine some peaceful scenery of your liking.

The scenery could be of you walking on a beach hearing the sound of waves splashing and noises of children playing etc. Try to make the scene as realistic and vivid as possible. Imagine in detail so much so that you actually begin to feel good inside as if you are actually there on the beach right now.

You can choose any other scene if you are not too fond of beaches. Just make sure to choose some relaxing scene and indulge in it for a while. You can carry out this exercise whenever you feel stressed during the day.

This exercise provides an alternative and healthy way of relaxing yourself and taking your mind off worries. If you get into the habit of doing this exercise regularly, you may find your food cravings are reduced because you no longer need to turn to food for comfort.

Step 2 – Developing More Self-Control:

The second step to stop binge eating involves gaining more control over yourself when you see your favorite food before you. You need to learn how to handle food temptations.

One good technique is to delay eating something immediately. Suppose you see your favorite dessert in front of you. Your immediate impulse is to reach for it and start eating.

But if you can force yourself to delay eating until 10 or 15 minutes and get busy with some other work in the meantime, you may find that your craving has diminished considerably. Now you can easily stop yourself from eating that as the craving has lost its power.

Another cool technique to bring down binge eating considerably is to eat your food slowly.

By following the above 2 step process you can eliminate binge eating and sugar cravings from your life. However following them may not be so easy at first. You will have to show good amount of self control, but remember that any worthwhile success in this world will usually not come easily. You will have to sweat out for it. So all the best!

Stop Binge Eating With This 2 Step Approach
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