Stress Overwhelming? Take Care of Yourself and Take a Break
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Stress Overwhelming? Take Care of Yourself and Take a Break

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When you work 65 hours a week and come home and sit in front of the TV, what are you really working for? You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have time to enjoy it, you’re not enjoying life. When will you have time to meet people, raise a family, or exercise? More importantly, when will you find time to de-stress?

Find Time for Yourself

Stress is a major contributor to health issues such as cardiovascular disease. To stay in good health, maintain a good quality of life—and give yourself something on which to spend your hard-earned money—take a vacation every once in a while.

And don’t take one of those vacations where you’re traveling from place to place, weighing yourself down with guidebooks and tour schedules. Go somewhere relaxing, peaceful, and idyllic, like Mauritius, a magical island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Do Nothing

When you’re constantly on the go, you need to work time into your schedule to relax. Many people do yoga or meditate to take their mind off of the daily grind. If you take a vacation, lie on the beach and take in the sunshine. Sun and salt water can do wonders for your body and soul, and the beaches on Mauritius are idyllic, with crystal-clear turquoise waters and pristine white sand. Lying on the sand thousands of miles from your office, with the sun beating down on your face, you’ll forget about the papers piling up on your desk and the deadlines that are quickly approaching.

Scuba diving and snorkeling bring relaxation to a whole other level. Submerged under the water, the noise of the world disappears, and all you can hear are the sounds inside your head. With an array of tropical fish to attract your attention, your thoughts mellow out and your stress melts away.


When you work all week, it is difficult to find time to exercise. But if you want to have time to enjoy your golden years after you retire, you’ll want to be in the best health possible. Maintaining a regular exercise plan is important to keep your heart, lungs, and health in prime condition. You can work exercise into your routine even when you’re on vacation.

Do Something New

Adding a little adventure into your life can keep you on your toes and reinvigorate you. Take a charter out for a deep-sea fishing trip. You’ll experience the power of the ocean and the meditative qualities of fishing. A seaplane tour can take you around the island from a bird’s eye vantage point. Take a horseback ride along dramatic sea cliffs to a majestic waterfall, or swim in the pool at the base of the falls.

Trying an activity that you have never experienced can bring new meaning to your life and give you memories to remember forever.

When you spend the majority of your days enclosed in a cubicle, staring at a computer screen, you need to give yourself a much-needed break from time to time. De-stressing, convening with nature, and being active will help you feel reinvigorated, both physically and psychologically. When you want to get away from it all, getting as far away as possible can be the key to letting go of your stress and rebuilding your spirit from the inside out.

Stress Overwhelming? Take Care of Yourself and Take a Break
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