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Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are an uncomfortable occurrence that pretty much everybody notices on their body. These marks change and differ in their sizing, area and depth and several men and women consider it to be a blotch on their attractiveness if they find stretch marks on themselves. There are several locations on the body where stretch marks are typically found, and the upper thighs are one of those locations. Removing stretch marks on upper thighs is an extended and time consuming activity, and ought to be managed with extreme care and sensitivity.

In dermatology, stretch marks are known as striae (singular stria). They occur in the form of a scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. Stretch marks are triggered by tearing of the dermis that may diminish overtime. You will get stretch marks anywhere on your body; nonetheless, body areas where stretch marks are more prone to show up are the areas where larger amounts of fat are stored such as your abdomen especially near the navel, breasts, upper arms, underarms, upper thighs (both inner and outer), hips and buttocks.

There are various natural home remedies for striae, which are inexpensive and are readily available at home. Using chemical products may damage your skin, there may also be some uncomfortable side effects. These natural products are not only effective against stretch marks, but are also great for maintaining your skin quality. Take, as an example, the Revitol stretch mark selection. A natural treatment like the aforementioned stretch mark lotion is really useful when you wish to regain your smooth skin texture.

Exercise is regarded as being a precautionary measure for stretch marks. Loosening and stretching of the skin causes stretch marks, therefore a toned up skin is less at risk of stretch marks. A different home cure is mixing 2 tsp of virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel, gel from vitamin E pills and gel from vitamin A pills, together. Refrigerate this mix for thirty minutes and then put it on on the affected region. Store the rest of the mixture in a jar and put it on routinely. This will help prevent stretch marks.

Drinking lots of water and eating healthy also contributes towards stretch marks prevention. Water improves one’s skin’s elasticity and the supplements from the food make the skin more adaptive. Women planning on pregnant state should commence preparing their skin for all the future stretching by applying cocoa butter two times a day. This will help keep the skin sufficiently flexible and moisturized and greatly reduce the number of stretch marks to come.

In general, it is essential to note that this problem has its remedies. Using an effective product, such as Revitol stretch mark cream and making some critical alterations in your way of life will certainly result in the desired results. All you have to do is to stay stimulated and give attention to your target. The rest will come by natural means.

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